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List of Cricketers who have scored 10, runs in ODI. National Game: Pato. Australian sports culture is one of the important features of sporting landscape. Cricket, Australian Rules football, rugby union and horse racing are among the earliest organised sports in Australia. What is the Duckworth Lewis Method and how it is applied in cricket.


Cricket, Football and Kabaddi are considered as the most popular games in Bangladesh but Kabaddi is the national game of the country. National Game: Kabaddi. Cricket is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of Barbados. Recently, government has implemented a policy of sports-based tourism. Barbados Cricket Association is the apex body to govern the cricket locally. There are varieties of sports played in Bermuda but Cricket is most popular due to British influence.

Archery is the national sport declared by the Kingdom in when it became the member of UN. Throughout the history of Bhutan, bow and arrow were an important means of survival in the highlands during wars and hunts and also it plays a significant role in their myths and legends. For example- images of gods holding bow and arrow. National Game: Archery. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that is combination of dance and music, and is marked by deft, tricky movements. It is culturally significant and evolves during colonial times by slaves. It is popular not only in Brazil but also practices internationally through computer games and movies.

National Game: Capoeira. Bulgaria is well known for its weightlifter because weightlifters won medals on almost every big weightlifting and set many world records on championships including the Olympic Games. National Game: Weightlifting. The game commonly known as ice hockey is hereby recognized and declared to be the national winter sport of Canada and the game commonly known as Lacrosse is hereby recognized and declared to be the national summer sport of Canada. Chilean Rodeo is not only traditional sport but also national sport declared in Source: cdn.

China has not formally declared a national sport but on the basis of popularity table tennis called as national game. Cuban sports culture is very influence from the United States of America, hence among all the sports baseball is very popular among Cuban people. National Game: Baseball.

Source: totalsportscomplex. Football and Ice Hockey are the two leading sports played in the country but ice hockey draws more attention because of popularity and professional stability. List of players who have played 10 slowest innings in cricket. Baseball is the most popular sport in the country.

Sports culture is very rich in France that reflected its popularity among French people and sporting history. Football became de facto national game. National Game: Football. Water Polo is a national game of Hungary. National Game: Water Polo. Image source: stagebanter. List of Chinese Funded Companies in India.

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The Golden Era of hockey in India was the period from - when India won 6 successive gold medals in the Olympic Games. Now cricket is more popular than hockey in india. Note: As per recent RTI, the Sports Ministry has made it clear that it has not declared any sport as national game whereas the web portal of Government National Portal of India has posted an article glorifying field hockey under the heading 'National Game'. Football is the most popular sport in Israel. The sport is under the jurisdiction of the Israel Football Association. It joined the Asian Football Confederation in , but was booted out in due to political pressure from Arab world during the Arab—Israeli conflict.

Badminton is the national game from both the participation and spectating aspect. It has won gold medals in badminton in every Olympic Games since the sport was first introduced to the Olympics in except in Summer Olympics. National Game: Badminton. Source: sport. Basketball is the only sports which religiously followed by the people after Catholicism.

National Game: Basketball. Wrestling is regarded as national game due to its long tradition and history. There are many styles of folk wrestling, from Varzesh-e Pahlavani to Zurkhaneh which have similarities with modern freestyle wrestling.

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National Game: Wrestling. Sport is a significant part of Jamaican culture. It is one of the leading countries in sprinting with the current world record holder for m and m, Usain Bolt and the former m world record holder, Asafa Powell but on the basis of popularity, cricket is considered as national game. It is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a rikishi wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring dohyo or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of his feet.

The characters literally mean "striking one another". National Game: Sumo Wrestling. Image source: www. Sepak Takraw is the national sport of the Malaysia. Related places Afghanistan. England, UK. South Africa. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Puerto Rico. Dominican Republic. South Korea.

The Netherlands. Saudi Arabia. Costa Rica. The Philippines.

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Scotland, UK. North Korea. Democratic Republic of the Congo. New Zealand. How do series work?

Helpers newcrossbooks 82 , picturebookperson 14 , xaagmabag 3. Series: Modern World Nations Series by cover 1—7 of 81 next show all. France by Stephen C. Kuwait Modern World Nations by S. Norway by Erin Hogan Fouberg.