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In "Young Goodman Brown," Nathaniel Hawthorne's main character, Goodman Brown comes face to face with both aspects of human nature, but is afraid to embrace the "evil," or bad in himself when tempted by the Devil and fellow townsmen. Goodman Brown's refusing to accept his evil shows that humans, by nature, are able to judge others easily, not acknowledge what is bad about themselves, and afraid to experience new things. By nature humans are afraid to admit when they have made any mistake. The roots of human nature are sunk deep into our history and experiences.

Human nature is what separates humans from monkeys.

Human nature as a balance of good and evil, humans can use their brain power for good or evil. Human nature forms its basis of teachings at an early age. Even though human nature includes many different aspects, most civilized humans, their nature is to an extent abide by widely accepted moral values. Human Nature From the first day Homo sapiens walked the Earth until now, the thought of conquering was conceived in their minds.

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No matter what the object of their desire is, or what task will help them to acquire it, humans will have what they want. Why bulldoze and exterminate all the forests and nature for a parking lot or a grocery store? We humans are going to have to go explore to find real nature.

Connection between humans and nature Leslie Marmon Silko authored the book "Landscape, History, and the Pueblo Imagination"; it focuses the way the Pueblo people look at the world.

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Silko refers to the way humans and nature is tied together in her writing. Schweninger depicts how Native American writing, such as Silko's, relates to the human and non-human world. The idea of man and humans being tied together is supported when Silko says, "Survival depended upon harmony and cooperation not only among human beings, but among all things The sharing motif is the idea that m Type a new keyword s and press Enter to search. The Topic of Human Nature. Human Nature. Pope then moves to the differences in mental abilities along the chain of being.

These mental functions are broken down into instinct, reflection, memory, and reason. Pope believes reason to trump all, which of course is the one function specific to Man. Reason thus allows man to synthesize the means to function in ways that are unnatural to himself.

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In section 8 Pope emphasizes the depths to which the universe extends in all aspects of life. This includes the literal depths of the ocean and the reversed extent of the sky, as well as the vastness that lies between God and Man and Man and the simpler creatures of the earth. Pope stresses the maintenance of order so as to prevent the breaking down of the universe. In the ninth stanza, Pope once again puts the pride and greed of man into perspective.

This image drives home the point that all things are specifically designed to ensure that the universe functions properly.

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  • Pope ends this stanza with the Augustan belief that Nature permeates all things, and thus constitutes the body of the world, where God characterizes the soul. In the tenth stanza, Pope secures the end of Epistle 1 by advising the reader on how to secure as many blessings as possible, whether that be on earth or in the after life. Pope exemplifies this acceptance of weakness in the last lines of Epistle 1 in which he considers the incomprehensible, whether seemingly miraculous or disastrous, to at least be correct, if nothing else.

    The second section of Epistle II tells of the two principles of human nature and how they are to perfectly balance each other out in order for man to achieve all that he is capable of achieving. These two principles are self-love and reason. He explains that all good things can be attributed to the proper use of these two principles and that all bad things stem from their improper use. Pope further discusses the two principles by claiming that self-love is what causes man to do what he desires, but reason is what allows him to know how to stay in line.

    The rest of section two continues to talk about the relationship between self-love and reason and closes with a strong argument. Humans all seek pleasure, but only with a good sense of reason can they restrain themselves from becoming greedy.

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    It starts out talking about passions and how they are inherently selfish, but if the means to which these passions are sought out are fair, then there has been a proper balance of self-love and reason. There is a ratio of good to bad that man must reach to have a well balanced mind. While our goal as humans is to seek our pleasure and follow certain desires, there is always one overall passion that lives deep within us that guides us throughout life.

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