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The true vacuum of our universe is represented as one of the valleys in such a graph. In , Paul Steinhardt and Alex Vilenkin both presented the key ideas of eternal inflation: quantum fluctuations can cause the triggering of new inflationary cycles.

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The assumption at the time was that each new cycle of inflation would start at the top of the energy hill and, during the inflationary cycle, would progress down toward the true vacuum. The energy state of the universe is decaying into a ground state. In fact, the hill itself may not even have a peak; it might continue on forever! He furthermore showed that chaotic inflation is also eternal, because it spawns continued creation of new bubble universes.

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Several sources make chaotic inflation sound like a specific type of eternal inflation theory. Time will tell what consensus cosmologists reach over this distinction between chaotic inflation and eternal inflation. Key Events in String Theory History Although string theory is a young science, it has had many notable achievements.

What foll String Theory Features String theory is a work in progress, so trying to pin down exactly what the science is, or Hertog 2 Details. Hartle AuthorId : Author.

Eternal inflation, bubble collisions, and the disintegration of the persistence of memory

Hawking 1 AuthorId : Author. Hertog 2 AuthorId : Author.

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Hide details. Abstract : The no-boundary wave function NBWF specifies a measure for prediction in cosmology that selects inflationary histories and remains well behaved for spatially large or infinite universes. This paper explores the predictions of the NBWF for linear scalar fluctuations about homogeneous and isotropic backgrounds in models with a single scalar field moving in a quadratic potential. We treat both the spacetime geometry of the universe and the observers inhabiting it quantum mechanically.

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We evaluate top-down probabilities for local observations that are conditioned on the NBWF and on part of our data as observers of the universe. For models where the most probable histories do not have a regime of eternal inflation, the NBWF predicts homogeneity on large scales, a spectrum of observable fluctuations with a small non-Gaussian component, and a small amount of inflation in our past.

By contrast, for models where the dominant histories have a regime of eternal inflation, the NBWF predicts significant inhomogeneity on scales much larger than the present horizon, a Gaussian spectrum of observable fluctuations, and a long period of inflation in our past. The absence or presence of non-Gaussianity in our observable universe therefore provides information about its global structure, assuming the NBWF.

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