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Plastic Pollution

The main topics of recent studies cover new developments in plastics packaging, barrier materials, plastics applications in automotive, electrical, building and medical industries, high performance plastics, potential developments of new materials, with emphasis on European, African and Indian markets. Related Products. Add to cart Default Title. Now, some classes of biodegradable polymers are price competitive with polymers such as PET.

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Biodegradable polymer producers have also invested in product and process improvements. The report analyses their key performance properties, applications development, market drivers and future prospects. Each product section also contains an estimate of market size by world region and end use market, plus forecasts to There is also an analysis of key suppliers and their products.

Market opportunity analysis by end use sector, such as packaging, bags and sacks, foodservice, agriculture, medical, consumer products and fibres. Illustrations of product and applications development over the last three years. Analysis of biodegradable polymer performance properties, market drivers, applications and product developments. He joined a leading international market consultancy where he specialized in plastics sector research. He conducted a wide range of multi-client and single-client studies covering a wide range of materials, from standard thermoplastics, engineering and high performance polymers to conductive polymers and thermoplastic elastomers.

Now operating as a freelance consultant, he makes regular contributions to the European plastics trade press, and works with leading plastics industry consultants. Flame Retardants for P In each of these areas, fire safety is critical.

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Hence flame retardants have been developed to improve the properties of plastics under the different conditions of processing and use. Flame retardants can act in a variety of ways: by raising the ignition temperature, reducing the rate of burning, reducing flame spread and reducing smoke generation. There are various test methods in use to quantify the effectiveness of different flame retardants and these are described here.

Besides brominated materials, mineral fillers such as alumina trihydrate hold a large market share, alongside phosphorus compounds, antimony trioxide, borates and intumescent materials.

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This is an expanding area with increased demand each year particularly in the developing regions of the world and with a move from rigid to flexible packaging. There are many material types used in films from single layer polymers to multilayer structures with tie layers and copolymers. Multilayers permit custom adaptation of material properties from barrier to strength. Technology, such as the orientation of polypropylene, has produced better properties and more valuable materials.

High performance plastics are also being used in applications such as telectronics.

There are details of the main suppliers including mergers and capacity. Blown extrusion was the first process used to make films of polyethylene.

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These processes have advantages and disadvantages depending on the material type in use, the width and thickness of film required. Films are mainly used in packaging for foodstuffs, but there are also substantial market segments for medical, electronic, automotive and construction applications.

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The stringent government regulations imposing by the governments is one of the major driving factor, as these regulations help in the consumer shift from non degradable materials to biodegradable and eco-friendly material like water soluble films. Edible water soluble films are one another type where there is an increasing demand and generating ample opportunities in the market.

Asia Pacific is one of the regions for the better growing markets for plastic films owing to demand in various end user industry such as packaging and consumer goods industry in China region followed by Japan and India. Increasing demand in consumer trend for packaging industry particularly, in India, Taiwan, and South Korea has made Asia Pacific largest consumer of the global plastic films market followed by increasing in the consumption of plastic films market in North America region.

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The third largest market of plastic films is Europe. Latin America and Middle East also witnessed in growth of plastic films market due to various application such as packaging, consumer goods, construction, pharmaceutical, electrical, and others. I have read the Research and Markets' Privacy Policy and consent to the processing of my personal data. This document will be available for immediate download and will also be emailed to you.

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