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NET, leveraging the remoting framework. You tell Log Parser what information you need and how you want it processed. Most software is designed to accomplish a limited number of specific tasks. Log Parser is different The world is your database with Log Parser. Microsoft InstallConstruct InstallConstruct is a full-featured Windows installer program, designed with a user-friendly expanding wizard interface to make creating Windows 3.

Net based application. Prevent casual copying and keep your customers honest. Similar to Microsoft style product activation where the product key is validated against an internet server. NET installations? Developer 8 integrates with Visual Studio. NET, dynamically updates. NET installations, enables distribution of the. InstallShield Software Corp. NET code to C at the project, folder, file, or code snippet level. Instant C is ideal for either full-scale project conversion from VB.

NET code resources to C. Instant C converts code both accurately and quickly. Instant J Instant J 1. NET code to J at the project, folder, file, or code snippet level. Numerous sample snippet conversions are also included for reference. Instant J is ideal for either full-scale project conversion from VB. NET code resources to J. Instant J converts code both accurately and quickly. A free Demo Edition is available. NET at the project, folder, file, or code snippet level. Instant VB converts code both accurately and quickly. All the typical CM functions are available to you.

Whats more, in-Step helps you put together configurations, compare and assemble versions, as well as define dependencies between products. Its open architecture lets you integrate in-Step in Visual Studio. NET or the development environment of your choice. The Visual Basic Code is formatted and highlighted for easy reading, and the output includes a cross-reference table that shows what database objects are being effected by the code and vise-versa.

NET and version 3. This makes it possible to increase the percentage of automated migration for your specific application. NET interoperability by flawlessly connecting anything Java to anything Microsoft. NET, whether the Java and. NET components are running in the same process or across a network. JNBridge JOpt. NET is an automated routing and dispatching component for. The component is based on genetic algorithms and automatically determines an optimized schedule of vehicels to an arbitrary set of stops.

NET, makes any set of Java classes into. NET proxy classes. NET proxy classes, you can integrate. NET components with Java components easily and quickly. For example, you can provide a. JuggerNET works with standard. NET and Java programs. Your JuggerNET integrated solution is fast and reliable too. JuggerNET applications run as fast as pure. Codemesh, Inc. NET Web sites, product catalogs and knowledge bases. NET Web sites. Kentico Software s. From simple data acquisition to advanced embedded software development, LabVIEW delivers productivity you can measure.

National Instruments Lattix Lattix is suite of tools for the discovery, analysis and enforcement of the architecture of.

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The components of Lattix include a desktop application for visualization of architecture using Dependency Structure Matrix and Conceptual Architecture Diagrams; command line utilities for integration with build; and a repository and web application for web publishing. Lattix also provides an API and scripting language for custom analysis. I do consider it late beta quality at the moment, and any feedback you can give us to improve it is valuable.

Shaxam Living Doc. NET Living Doc automates the arduous documentation process developers regularly come across. Living Doc documents the individual building blocks of your web applications while showing the relationships between them. Living Address LizA - Webbased activation and licensing of Windows applications Client-Server-Architecture, Liza uses an ergonomic system, which allows licencing each individual module and not just the entire application! Any change or manipulation of the key makes it unusable. The generator engine is a hierarchical task executer and uses multiple code emitter engines.

It exercises your entire enterprise infrastructure by emulating thousands of users and employs performance monitors to identify and isolate problems. By using LoadRunner, you can minimize testing cycles, optimize performance, and accelerate deployment. Log4Net has proven it value in several projects and is today the number one choice in the.

NET community. L4NDash is aimed to fulfill the needs both during development of an application, and later when that application goes in to production. L4NDash extends the benefit of using Log4Net logging framework, your customers can now have a powerful tool to view and track the logging from your application.

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Free version will handle requests from localhost. FaktNet LogicGem For programmers and analysts, LogicGem proves logic and processes by finding missing rules, ambiguities, contradictions and redundancies. Net LucidLog. Net is an efficient logging tool for debugging, diagnostic and real-time monitoring. It allows not only examine how well the your application is executing, but it is also a good way to pinpoint the performance issues and to troubleshoot a business logic of the your application. With LucidLog. The LucidLog. Net LogViewer has a friendly interface and provides a wide range of log navigation and search tools, various methods of filtering, grouping, highlighting and selecting log entries for flexible and efficient log analysis.

Get visual layout tools, extensive code-editing support, and rapid web application development-all in one complete, integrated solution. With its powerful yet simple programming model, you can easily integrate rich Macromedia Flash content with applications built using Macromedia ColdFusion MX, Microsoft. Macromedia Manco. NET Licensing System is powerful licensing and copy protection tools for.

NET applications, controls and components. Protection library is available for. NET Compact Framework 2. Manco Software Matisse 6. NET directly to the database with the support of a standard query language SQL and a scalable, enterprise capabilities implemented in relational products. Designed to benefit both object developers and database administrators, Matisse combines native support for Object, XML and SQL within a single database. Matisse Software Inc. Objects created in Maya can be used as hit targets, windows forms controls, and more.

Because the objects are kept as vector data in the interface, the user can scale the entire application and keep the same look and feel. Look for future export features like animation, mesh optimization, xml formatting, and the ability to specify the WPF target type template for Maya objects. On the mobile device the application is displayed, executed and, discarded after use. NET MinCor. NET Compact Framework. This Object Request Broker is written in pure managed code and supports all. NET languages.

Its the most technologically advanced SCM solution on the market today enabling secure and flexible process centric management for local and distributed development teams across the enterprise. AppForge, Inc. Design and Restructure code. Apply built-in Refactorings.

Two way navigation, build-in refactorings. Create, Edit, Convert classes fields methods and properties with point and click. Create, Edit, Convert Classes fields methods and properties with point and click. Net application to Mono. Use the results provided as a guide to get you started on porting your application, but remember the true test is actually running your application on Mono. NET framework technologies for Unix and Windows. The project includes compilers for C 1. Mono is available on a variety of operating systems and architectures which helps you move your.

The Mono runtime is self-contained and can be bundled with applications that require a small. NET runtime 4 megabytes for the VM, plus the core assemblies. At this point it has a complete implementation of the core libraries, Windows. Forms, System. Drawing, System. DirectoryServices, System. XML, System. Data and the associated data providers and ASP. Support for the 2. The Mono Migration Analizer tool Moma can assist developers in identifying the portability issues that their application would encounter dependencies on 2. Novell Mono. There are numerous goals that MonoDevelop hopes to achieve.

Some of these are: To create a best of breed development environment for Unix systems for C and Mono. Since its written in Gtk , and we like Gtk and we get good support from Gtk , most likely it will add functionality to improve the Gtk experience. We want to integrate the tools we have been building so far, so things like MonoDoc, NUnit-Gtk and the debugger should target MonoDevelop. It can also be used with a full SQL Server license. Following the same basic concept as the original version for Visual Basic 6, the Add-In scans your project for text strings and presents them in two tables.

One table is for strings from designer windows - this table contains all strings properties which have the localizable attribute. The other table is for strings from the source code. Select strings in the source code for translation with a simple mouse click. Strings which do not require translation can be marked as hidden.

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Add new languages with a simple dialog. For each additional language, a column is added to both of the tables to show the text in that language. You can edit texts in all languages directly in the tables, or export them to Excel for offline editing. Future versions may provide support for additional project types. NET and Visual Basic has been available for. NET localization since the launch of. With its support for Visual Basic , it has been popular among VB-developers even before. NET was introduced. In addition compiled assemblies can be localized.

Built-in Translation Memory saves translations for future re-use. Automated validations detect common localization errors. NET Name manager allows to you to change identifiers of classes, enums, members, properties, functions and function parameters. It automatically updates you code using Microsoft Compiler for searching for necessary replacements through all files in solution. Implemented as plug-in for VS. NET build tool. In theory it is kind of like make without make's wrinkles.

In practice it's a lot like Ant. NAnt has been tested with the. Net Release. NET developers that allows controlling the complexity, the quality and the evolution of. NDepend analyses source code and assemblies and generates a report. A GUI allows to visualize, zoom and control any part of the code. NET NDoc generates class libraries documentation from. NET based object persistence library for relational databases. NHibernate is a port of the excellent Java Hibernate relational persistence tool.

NHibernate handles persisting your. NET objects to and from an underlying relational database. Rather than you having to write SQL to get your objects in and out of the database, NHibernate takes care of this for you. Your code only need be concerned with your objects, NHibernate generates the SQL and makes sure that things end up in the correct tables and columns. NET applications, but also a complete API that can be used to build other profiler front-ends, as well as extend the default GUI with new visualization tools. The created documentation is formatted to resemble the standard MSDN documentation.

NET Edition Create a full featured service in minutes using. NET, even debug your service using the. Although the. NET framework supports the creation of simple services, the NT Service Toolkit allows you to create more robust and complex services in minutes. Features include: a built-in service simulator which makes it possible to test and debug services without actually installing them as a service, creation of full featured control panel applets using.

Net languages. Initially ported from JUnit, the current version, 2. It is written entirely in C and has been completely redesigned to take advantage of many. NET language features, for example custom attributes and other reflection related capabilities. NUnit brings xUnitto all. NET offers you more than ordinary round trip engineering: All of one tools functions are available in the other tool. You can navigate between the tools to exactly where you want to go. The code in Visual Studio. NET and the model in objectiF are always automatically in sync. ObjectView offers a range of features including 1.

Ability to deploy an ObjectView scenario as a Web service to a. NET Web server 2. Graphical programming using data flow, control flow, If, and Loop constructs 3. Animation that allows you to visualize data flow 4. Caching results of a Web service to save costs 6. Setting redundancy management options in case of a Web service failure 7. XSLT processing 9. Security and authentication using network credentials and so on.

ObjectView lets you rapidly prototype and test Web services. ObjectView lets you integrate Web service components into its unique drag-and-drop environment. The Web services are represented as graphical objects that you connect to create complex applications. You can create complex projects by using the data flow and control flow scenarios. Animation allows you to visualize data flow from one Web service object to another. ObjectView supports all XML simple data types. In addition, it supports parsing and creation of complex SOAP data types. You can collect the output data of your Web service objects into XML files.

CypressLogic Objectz. NET is an object-to-relational persistence tool for the. It enables applications to transparently store and retrieve. NET objects using relational databases. Whether youre creating new applications using the latest. NET technologies, or are working both with. NET components with Perl. Main advantage - generated Typed Queries that allow writing queries against database using native C or VB syntax. Then database design is changed you may dicover the problems at compile time!

NET v1. Developers of WinForms applications can easily create xy-, yt- or scope-plots by simply feeding the component with their data. PlotPad has a lot of powerful functions and allows developers to concentrate on their main task. Built-in dialogs, clipboard support, context menu, toolbar and other features let the user interact with the component. Easy usage, full documentation and online-help enable programmers to utilize PlotPad and implement solutions fast.

It generates 2D-cartesian plots xy or y-t out of the corresponding data. It is very easy to use, has a lot of ready-to-use features for the user and is low in price. An evaluation versin with no restrictions in functionality is available.

Stochastic equations through the eye of the physicist basic concepts, exact results and asymptotic

PrimalScript Enterprise Go beyond mere scripting with the only scripting environment that has the power needed to play in the big leagues. Support for Microsoft. NET, and Microsoft. QuickTest Professional 6. Create professional SQL database applications without coding.

Includes the fastest GUI layout designer in the world. Save lots of time with this high productivity design tool full of rich features. Includes a unique GUI layout solution which always ensures a consistent and professional layout simply by dragging controls. Just imagine: no more hassle with aligning, tab orders and anchors! NET spell checker to your Web applications.

Fast and accurate, inline and dialog spell checking. Evaluation download includes C and VB. NET demos - Visit keyoti. The tool automatically generates thousands of lines of bug-free code in a matter of seconds. RapTier is available in two editions: Lite and Professional. The light edition of RapTier is free. All the source code for projects generated with RapTier is open and royalty free. No run-time license fees and no copyright or usage restrictions. PurifyPlus combines memory error and leak detection, application performance profiling, and code coverage analysis into a single, complete package.

Together, these functions help developers ensure the highest reliability and performance of their software from its very first release. NET software, and Java properties files. NET Forms Editor makes it possible to edit. NET Forms with support for. NET-specific technologies such as Forms and controls inheritance, display of custom controls, user-defined properties, and custom editors.

RC-WinTrans X8 uses the. NET Beta Version 2. NET Forms Editor has been expanded to include the new standard Form elements that will become available with. Linguistic and software-specific validation functions ensure quality, accuracy, and smooth performance in the translated software. Examples of linguistic validation functions are the spell check and check for consistently translated text items.

Software-specific checks include checks for missing or incorrect placeholders, doubled or missing hotkeys, and overlapping dialog box elements. Translation is supported by dictionaries that can take the form of either simple text files or TRADOS translation memories. The integration of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications VBA combined with the powerful RC-WinTrans X8 object model COM automation affords the user maximum control over the localization process with the ability to modify and extend the RC-WinTrans application, apply advanced localization features, and integrate translation and workflow processes.

NET RE. NET assembly, including third-party assemblies and COM wrappers for which the source code is not available. Tutorials - Create Custom/Professional UI in WinForms app

Use this to make a. RegexBuilder RegexBuilder is a simple tool which helps developers to create and test regular expressions. The GUI of RegexBuilder is kept to a minimum to enable users to quickly test any string against a regular expression. RegexBuilder currently only supports simple pattern matching. Markus Renschler RegexDesigner.

Corba Remoting. Corba is a. NET Remoting system. This allows developers to write applications in C and Visual Basic. Main features: - unbeatable C refactoring support - on-the-fly highlighting of syntax errors in the text editor - code navigation and search features - enhanced IntelliSense JetBrains Resource. NET Resource. A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a.

NET assembly. NET An editor for resource files. The runtime module can be included in your applications royalty free. J4L Components Salamander. NET web-sites. Quick and easy to setup, search functionality can be added in minutes. Entirely designer based, no programming is required and fully customizable through its use of templates Keyoti sembleWare Visual Welder Visual Welder is an add-in for Visual Studio. NET that allows you to snap in and snap out parts for your system in a true assembly process. Features include reverse engineering from a database, full code and database generation, a powerful active toolbox, and more.

The active toolbox lets you drop standard controls onto forms that auto-bind. Serena Serena Dimensions Process Driven Closed-Loop Change Management Ideal for collaborative team environments and distributed groups, Dimensions enables customers to consolidate CM applications and processes across the enterprise. The power of Dimensions delivers enormous ROI value to customers, including the ability to meet regulatory or auditing requirements, improve productivity, speed time to market and lower overall development costs.

NET environments. Whether you are using Dimensions for distributed or mainframe assets or both or using Dimensions within an IDE such as Microsoft. NET, you gain the advantages of tightly integrated process control, versioning, baseline management, issue management, release management, next-generation build management, and workflow management in a single system. With process control capabilities that can be easily customized, Dimensions simplifies and automates change management.

Organizations can reduce IT costs, increase productivity, and better manage their technology initiatives to meet business objectives and regulatory or audit requirements. NET development non-. NET development supported. Out of the box support for C , VB. NET and Boo. Integrated debugger, unit testing, XML editor. Net solution and project files. Community Projekt Shell MegaPack. Net 8. Sky Software Shell MegaPack. The ShellListView and ShellTreeView controls imitate the corresponding parts of the Windows Explorer, including correct icons with overlays, the Explorer context menu, thumbnails, details, virtual folders and shell extensions.

The invisible ShellControlConnector control allows to synchronize multiple shell controls with just one line of code. An additional thumbnail control displays previews of the selected files in any size. An interesting sample project and a detailed help file are included. Net ShellObjects. Net 9. ShellObjects has a royalty-free redistribution license; it has no external dependencies which allows ease of redistribution and it comes with comprehensive documentation and numerous samples to quickly get you started.

WPF ShellObjects. While active monitoring provides application service-level monitoring and performance monitoring using synthetic business transactions, passive monitoring provides an understanding of real-user behavior up to recreating error situations. Its Web GUI, powerful root cause analysis tools that correlate end-user with infrastructure measures, and support for closed-loop testing enable easy collaboration between pre- and post-deployment groups leading to fast problem identification and short error turnaround times.

Integrated into Visual Studio. NET and equipped with support for Microsoft. Segue Software Inc. SilkPerformer SilkPerformer is the industrys most powerful--yet easiest to use--enterprise-class load and stress testing tool. Visual script generation techniques and the ability to test multiple application environments with thousands of concurrent users allow you to thoroughly test your enterprise applications reliability, performance, and scalability before they are deployed-regardless of their size and complexity.

Powerful root cause analysis tools and management reports help you isolate problems and make quick decisions-thereby minimizing test cycles and accelerating your time to market. Rewritten from scratch, it replaces the control from Microsoft and brings to the developer a total flexibility. The overall visual appearance can be completely changed, as well as the format of a single cell. A lot of custom editors are provided built-in and you can write easily your owns.

Sorting categories, subcategories and properties is also now customizable. TAB navigation is provided. This is only a sublist of all the features, so just download and try it. VisualHint Smart PropertyGrid. Net Smart PropertyGrid. Net is a Windows Forms component aimed at developers concerned by the shortcomings of the Microsoft PropertyGrid which is nevertheless a very useful tool To provide your end-users with the right experience, you put a lot of efforts in designing a desktop application with a rich and convenient GUI, so why not add a PropertyGrid that will adapt itself to your liking and do it effort free?

Main features include: completely dynamic content at run-time or reflection, infinite number of nested categories and properties, many built-in inplace editors, customization of properties and global appearance, different enumerator types to browse properties, optional navigation with the TAB key, custom property value validation, it knows all related framework classes like TypeConverters, UITypeEditors, custom sorting, hyperlinked properties. NET, Java and Delphi applications. It helps you to identify bugs, find solutions to customer problems and gives you a clear understanding of how your software works in different environments and under different circumstances.

This tool is an improvement of the previous version that was launched in this group last year. NET, Windows. We appreciate your feedback. Net Profiler 3. SpeedTrace also supports the new. NET Framework 3. Net All around. Net, all about. Net is powerful tool for. Net developers that offers obfuscation, multiple languages decompilation, documentation managing services, modeling and analytical features in one environment that constantly demonstrates new possibilities.

Programming in Microsofts. NET Framework gives additional horizons in realization of various ideas with an extensive set of features. Altogether with these powerful capabilities one major drawback is now also a reality: decompilation to Microsoft Intermediate Language MSIL. As a result of this feature your code may get disassembled, studied and altered by third parties. Net - next generation tool for. Net developers, that continues to offer wide range of features for developers and many more new possibilities.

Now Spices. Net Suite includes one internal system module and 5 external - Spices. Obfuscator non-compomise protection of. Net assemblies , Spices. Modeler models and diagrams that reflects various types of assembly members relationships and structure of. Net assembly , Spices. Net metadata browser at low level, provides detailed information on tokens Spices. Informer assembly member information provider and reporter. Obfuscator Uncompromisable protection of your intellectual properties from prying eyes, competitors and reverse engineering.

Obfuscator is a. Net code protection tool that offers the wide range of technologies to completely protect your. Net code and intellectual properties. The obfuscator rebuilds your. Obfuscator completely integrated into Spices. Net and distributed as Visual Studio Integrated package Spices. Obfuscator , stand alone GUI and console version.

NET offers both high performance native connectivity to SQL Server and a number of innovative development tools and technologies. SSW Code Auditor is a tool that allows developers to take control of your code, ensuring large, complex source code can be simplified, cleaned and maintained. The built-in rules focus on the most popular. As a project or company grows, managing code standards throughout your team becomes virtually impossible.

Consistent code is crucial to future development and maintenance. SSW Code Auditor lets you take control of your code and automatically review your web apps and projects - giving you more opportunity to spend time where it really matters. Here at SSW, we face the problem of maintaining our standards across nearly five thousand web pages, over twenty active projects in both Visual Basic 6 and. NET and C. This powerful feature permits the user to write their own set of rules and have different rules for different projects. Even when standards are in place developers can make mistakes that will slip through QA.

NET, allows a developer to set SQL Server design rules and then check the database for code or design elements that ignores those rules. NET Visual Studio. Once installed a new menu item will appear STC Generator. Select it and then choose the project and class. The generator will then generate the source code for you automatically in C or VB. NET depending on the project language. NET add-in that completes code as you write it. Instead of multiline coding constructs such as if.. Works with any. Aivosto Oy Sweet for. When you've found a frame that you like, you can either export a XAML file or copy the XAML to the clipboard for easy pasting into your tool of choice.

The conversion isn't perfect, and there are many areas for improvement. For common cases, however, it should do the trick. NET provides a standards based multi-dialect SQL solution to enable applications work with multiple databases without needing to port SQL queries from one database dialect to another.

Vembu SwisSQL. NET comes with a. NET class library which is very simple to use and requires very minimal change to the existing application to make it portable across databases. Vembu Technologies tangible architect Professional Edition tangible architect is aSoftware-Factory for. You can then use Drag-Once Databinding on generated Business Objects and build a user interface using drag and drop. In addition tangible architect supports the industry standard UML and comes with an object-oriented database browser.

NET TeeChart for. NET adds charting, gauges and maps to Microsoft. It offers portable charts for Silverlight and Flash and a new combination gauge types for dashboard applications. Steema Software teeChart for. Display features include customisable canvas objects, transparency and anti-aliasing, 2D and 3D views. Steema Software TeeGofer. Net Component Documenter TeeGofer is a tool designed specifically for the.

NET Component writer. NET Assemblies. DLLs or. The Tool is extremely easy to work with, presenting a tree navigator of the entire structure of any Assemblies selected for the Help Project. The output quality and ease and speed by which TeeGofer creates Component documentation makes it a must for any. Steema Software TeeGofer for. NET TeeGofer is a tool designed specifically for the.

Designed to help development teams work faster and easier, it brings simplicity and efficiency to developers and managers alike. It accelerates the release management process, maximizes the efficiency of limited development resources that are always in demand, and brings together distributed development teams through Telelogic Distributed Change Management DCM.

CM Synergy offers a flexible and powerful distributed repository, and a proven, team-oriented workflow approach to software development. Telelogic TestComplete TestComplete is AutomatedQAs complete application testing system offering automated functional, unit, regression, distributed and HTTP performance testing in one easy to use and totally integrated package. Using TestComplete, it is possible to automate most sections of test plans for your Win32,. NET, Java, or Web applications. Unique features of TestPartner allow both testers and developers to create repeatable tests through visual scripting and automatic wizards.

Users also have access to the full capabilities of Microsofts Visual Basic for Applications VBA , allowing tests to be as high level or detailed as needed. Compuware TestTrack Pro TestTrack Pro is a scalable, cross-platform issue management solution that facilitates team collaboration across the enterprise. Simple to install, easy to use and maintain, TestTrack Pro features comprehensive workflow and process automation, powerful filters and reports, and role-based security, extensive field customizations, seamless integration with current development tools, and support for MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Increase productivity and save valuable development time by locating application bottlenecks. Intel Corp. NET applications in record time. TierDeveloper lets you map and generate. NET apps, and Windows Forms apps. NET The features provided by this version of Together for VS. NET and Visual Basic. NET Analyzer Scan your projects for hidden bugs, unused code, performance issues, and more.

Learn to build reliable. NET applications the right way. FMS, Inc. NET Renamer Total. NET Renamer provides a powerful way to manage name changes in your. NET development projects. Based on our real-time code parser, Total. NET Renamer makes renaming of any code object simple, fast, and accurate regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

Simply highlight the name of the class, member, or any other type, and Total. NET Renamer instantly builds a list of all references to that name. You can then preview and select changes, and the renaming engine makes all changes for you. Get a jumpstart into.

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Hundreds of categories, samples, tips, how-tos and royalty-free code makes. NET coding a snap. NET projects to C. NET to C is in the current market.

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Save your much time and money by using TransKing. UniDirect UniDirect. NET provides universal data access to different databases for the Microsoft. CoreLab Unite. NET Unite. An extensive test harness library and wizards simplify the test driver development in C and VB. A tight Microsoft Visual Studio integration ideally supports the "code a little, test a little" working style. The Unite. NET applications creates problems for developers who want to use the full power of object-oriented programming to solve their business problems.

Using business objects to organize the behavior they are calling on a proven and powerful approach. Install Vanatec OpenAccess on your machine and you experience that hand-and-glove fit of business objects and relational tables. Plug it into Visual Studio. Turn it on. And most importantly, it separates the storage details from your object model, simplifying your code and boosting productivity. As such, adding persistence functionality is non-intrusive to the object model.

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Custom attributes are used to assign attributes to classes. With custom attributes classes can be declared as persistent, and for example indexes can be defined for class fields. Vanatec OpenAccess does not put any restrictions on the object model and supports inheritance, interfaces and. NET Framework collections. Only one single file needs to be edited. Connecting your. That simplifies your code and boosts productivity on the one hand. And vice versa. Reverse Mapping with Legacy Databases Vanatec OpenAccess detects your existing legacy data model the moment you connect it, creates object models, and even lets you edit the object model exactly how you want it.

The reverse mapping experience begins the minute you connect your Visual Studio project to the legacy database using the Reverse Mapping wizard. Like magic, Vanatec OpenAccess recognizes the data model and creates an object model. Then you can start developing your new. It tracks which objects have been changed or are new. A callback lets you resolve any conflict. And when it comes to data access, simply choose OpenAccess in the Visual Studio menu. Fully integrated into Visual Studio, Vanatec OpenAccess takes action on the data access and it gives you the programming productivity you need to develop sophisticated applications in no time.

It provides database independence, SQL externalization via XML, automatic transaction management, on-the-fly SQL generation for Datasets and convenience implementations for ever recurring tasks. Arno Huetter Variable data printing solution A. NET or C. Based on the Upgrade Wizard, created by ArtinSoft for Microsoft, adding several new useful enhancements, it allows to dramatically shorten migration timeframes by eliminating much of the need to manually rewrite previous unsupported code of VB applications.

Take cover from run-time errors, test, debug and profile your code. Increase the quality, stability and performance of your Visual Basic programs. See which procedures are the slowest ones, and which lines or loops are taking up most of the time. Or measure execution times before and after your enhancements. Error messages can include: error description, procedure name, line number, parameter and variable values, object properties, call stack, screenshot, run-time library versions, and even execution trace procedure-by-procedure, line-by-line.

Trace the procedure calls and executed code lines in your compiled apps. Even better, monitor and pause your app. See its status. What line is it on? What procedures were called with what arguments? Call stack? Which objects are alive? Setup breakpoints to your exes and see whats really happening.

Are you sure you tested all your code? VB Watch Profiler records your test sessions as you execute your code. It shows you in red which procedures and lines are still untested. Aivosto Oy VB. VBCS 2. Enabling programmers to more quickly and error-freely convert VB legacy code translates to larger ROI for companies.

NET websites to be updated for low out-of pocket cost. It also allows valuable programmers, who understand the application but may not be able to hand code the conversion, to make the switch, instead of hiring consultants. By eliminating the need to discard valuable VB source code or hire additional staff versed in both VB and C , and by facilitating a simple and quick conversion, VBCS 2.

Immunicode VBdocman. NET projects. Helixoft VBeXpress. NET is an advanced template driven code generator for. Generates entire winform and webform applications based on an existing database. The product comes with over code generation templates for generating VB. A free development whitepaper also comes with the product which describes advanced topics such as performance, record locking, concurrency issues, security, n-tier design VBeXpress. NET applications and dramatically improve productivity. A developer can just use the available classes, which are highly customizable, or derive from them to build on the existing features and exploit the underlying infrastructure.

A web application is included for data setup and management. Vendidi Versatile Serializing Versatile Serializing is the name of a class library for the. NET Framework that incorporates a new approach to serializing and deserializing objects, allowing the fine tuning of raw data formats produced or expected. Use Versatile Serializing to comply with given data communication protocols, data exchange specifications and prescribed file formats without any coding - just by equipping your classes and class members with instructive attribute declarations.

Visual Assist X boosts productivity with powerful editing features that are completely integrated into your IDE. Visual Assist X increases automation, simplifies navigation and displays vital information as you develop. Whole Tomato Software, Inc. Visual Build Professional Visual Build Professional is a tool that enables developers and build masters to create an automated, repeatable process for building and deploying software. Visual Build Pro provides built-in support for many development tools. Kinnok Software Visual Localize. Recurring tasks may be automated via script file.

Special import functions enable you to benefit from existing translations. In that way you enhance the quality of your terminology and reduce your localization costs and time-to-market. NET controls, as well as extend them with custom controls. From best practices to user interface design tips, to a comprehensive examination of. NET user interface controls, this is a lively and practical work. Although this book is more than a reference manual, it includes detailed discussion of user interface elements that programmers will use on a regular basis.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks. Add to Wishlist. USD Ship This Item — This item is available online through Marketplace sellers. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview This book is the VB version of the author's best-selling and highly-praised Pro. NET Series Edition description: 1st ed. Pages: Product dimensions: 7. He isthe author of more than a dozen books about. NET programming.