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Triton Reference, One, One. You should start around 12 o'clock on the Triton Reference, One, One. Your setting will also depend on the room and the speakers position in the room relative to boundaries. The speakers clearly change during break-in and you might find yourself re-adjusting the bass level after break-in.

In a 2-Channel Stereo-only Setup : Connect each speaker with speaker-wire and power cord only. Precision circuitry in the Tritons' electronics takes this speaker wire signal and feeds it to the built-in powered subwoofer. Make sure that your electronics are set for full range playback no high pass crossover engaged. This will still yield good results, but may not be as good as using the setup with separate LFE input in addition. Using Additional Separate Subwoofer s : Although all these Tritons have built-in powered subwoofers for superb performance without the addition of a separate subwoofer, bass is sort of like horsepower, and for some listeners, the more the merrier.

So you can certainly add an additional subwoofer or two if you like.

Sub Bass - How to get a clean and controlled Sub Bass - Tip 20

This will give you, in effect, 3 or more LFE subwoofers, which can be quite impactful, as well as giving you smoother LFE coverage throughout your room. To get the LFE level balanced properly between your additional subwoofer and the Tritons, the key is to take full advantage of your additional subwoofer's capabilities while keeping the LFE level being sent to the Tritons appropriate.

Normally, you would have the additional subwoofer s playing louder than the Tritons on an LFE signal, using the additional sub's level control s to achieve this. The result is very dramatic and effective at reproducing very balanced in-room bass response. The trick here is getting a balanced LFE level, since there is only one level control in the processor. I would suggest getting it correct for the front speakers maybe a little low, to take into account that you are adding LFE channels in the rear , set the sub level control on the two rear Tritons to taste.

Note that if the two rear Tritons are smaller than the fronts, the sub level of the rear Tritons should be lower than that of the fronts.

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We have used this set-up at trade shows and it will flap your pant legs. Note: Once any Audyssey is engaged, the Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume are still engaged unless you specifically turn them off, which we strongly recommend. You can also use a larger center matched with smaller Left and Right for instance a 60C with 50s, or a 50C with 3s. You can see me doing this in every video I publish just as you can see in the image above.

BBTV Tips: Driving Channel Subs with a YouTube Branding Watermark

This goes back to point one with the main goal being a maximizing long-term engagement. I will just work through that and then I get to do whatever I want but you can try and really make yourself into a niche if you want the fastest growth and that takes us into point number 4. Know whatever niches you are in. My partner manager called them tentpole moments.

How to match Sub-woofers To Amplifiers - Proper Guide

Things like new software releases, video game releases, seasonal trends, etc. These are some of the things you can have the biggest potential for making tutorials about. You can use Tube Buddy to research these things and just knowing what you do so much that you know the big things that can be really helpful. The higher your click-through rate is per impression.

BBTV Tips: Driving Channel Subs with a YouTube Branding Watermark

The more potential watch time you get, the higher the potential placement you can get. What I do is just, get a thumbnail graphic to start with. With titles, you can play around with organic search and you can play around with something like clickable titles.

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  • These are a just constant experimentation game. Just keep experimenting with this and find what works for you. I deliver what I promised within a minute then everybody stops watching. This is why things like top 10 videos do so good because people stick around to see all of the top Give them a morning announcement shout out. Wish them a happy holiday.

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