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Since june I chose to team-up with external authors and decided to outsource the development to my colleague, which changes my position to giving support and coordinating the authors and web developer. As founder of zelfstudie. I always have been wondering which is the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, so I did some research.

Qualitative research is by definition exploratory.


It happens in an early phase. The objective is to gain understanding of underlaying reasons and motivations. Usually small number of non-respresentative cases are used. The data collection happens by unstructured or semi-structured techniques in-depth interviews, group discussions, etc — mainly verbal data than measurements. Data analysis is non-statistical analyzed in an interpretative manner, subjective, impressionistic or even diagnostic.

The findings are not conclusive and cannot be used to make generalizations. It can be used to develop an initial understanding and therefor qualitative research happens in the beginning stage of the implementation of innovation or change.

Changing Cultures in Hgher Education

Qualitative research is conclusive. It happens in a late phase. The objective is to generalize results of a sample to the population of interest and to measure the occurrence of different views and opinions.

2/ Information and techniques and methods of research in my area of work

The data collection happens by structured techniques questionnaires, telephone interviews, etc to a randomly selected public. The data analysis is in form of tabs numbers and statistics.

Literature Review

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Teaching in a Culture of Change: Developing Skills for Life and Work in the World of Tomorrow

Developing a technology enhanced learning strategy 1. Changing the learning landscape Welcome and introductions Sarah Davies s. This trend has received mixed reactions: On the one hand it is feared that these new technologies will replace teachers altogether.

Technology Enhanced-Learning

On the other hand, the expectations towards technology can also be over-optimistic; that it will solve all the problems of learning. A recent Finnish-Swiss-Belgian study provides new information about the changing role of the teacher in technology-supported learning environments.

Developing a technology enhanced learning strategy

According to the research findings, the use of technology changes the role of the teacher from a traditional knowledge provider rather into a facilitator guiding the students' learning processes and engaging in joint problem-solving with the students. In addition, technology offers a range of new types of learning possibilities. At its best, successful utilisation of technology provides opportunities for more interactive learning and teaching.

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  5. This, of course, poses a challenge for teachers' professional development and teacher training. The target group of the study consisted of first and second year vocational school students and their teachers from different fields. The main focus of the study was on the interaction between the teacher and students in various technology supported learning environments.