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Insider Trading Reports H. Investor Forums I. Ticker Symbol Look-up J. Earnings Surprise Reports II. Coverage of International Companies A. Emerging Markets C. ADRs D. Industry Research and Analyst Reports B. Industry Overview and Trends C. Portfolio Tracking D. SIC Codes E. Company Comparison Tools IV. Historical Data A.

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Indices and Investment Returns B. Financial Reporting Policy A. Research Tools A. Financial Glossaries B. Stock Screening Engines C. Charting Engines Note: Web Sites came and go, so some links may longer exist. You can look up a symbol, type in a company or ticker, and receive a plethora of relevant information: company profile sheet, financial highlights, industry and competitive analysis comps that you can download into excel , corporate actions, news, stock and bond reports, and more importantly, Compustat Excel Analytics.

A limited educational version of NetAdvantage is available in the Student Edition of the web site. You can also find news, investment reports from various sources , financials, rankings, and an industry overview- based on SIC codes. You can also get information on private companies although not much.

OSIRIS is a comprehensive database of listed corporations, banks and insurance companies around the world. In addition to the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and ratios it contains news, ownership, ratings, earnings estimates and stock data. ORBIS is a useful database for company and industry analysis. Type in your company name or ticker- and you will access a full company report description, SEC filings and financial data with ratios, information on company board and management, shareholders, mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries, stock data, segment data, news, etc.

Very straight forward and easy to use. This site provides a lot of information, and is not as restricted as some of the other sites. You must register so as to gain access to a select group of company profiles for free; after which, you must pay to use the site. On the home page, you will be able to search for a company by entering the company name or ticker. You can also get stock quotes, key financial data, news, and some industry information. As with many free sites, there are several pop-up ads that can be distracting.

Although this site contains a lot of free information, there are many locked areas, which can only be accessed through a subscription. Provides with company and industry profiles, data, news, extensive financial statement information, stock price history, corporate action and analytic reports, trends and projections PCQuote. Good for getting a stock quote, price information and a data table including beta, eps , etc. Most of the information on this site centers around the stock price of the company, you will not find the company profiles that you will see on other sites. Type in a ticker, and you get very basic information: name, chart, exchange, size large-cap, mid-cap, etc.

More categories direct you to other web sites, [ ie. This site is good to find other links, but not great as a primary source. Barrons works with the Wall Street Journal to provide company information, news, key facts. In order to receive more research on the company, you will need to subscribe. To download SEC financial statements and other information into a spreadsheet, please go to SEC filings and other financial reports and use the option to download in Excel or other format menu on the top of the screen.

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Factiva is a searchable full-text database of nearly 8, newswires, newspapers, magazines and trade journals. It has comparative data on companies and industries. Also, company SEC filings. They recently added a section on Mutual Fund Prospectuses. It has a watchlist and download features. This is a for-fee service, but the site also has a useful collection of links to other annual report sites. Full text with graphics in PDF format.

Also, request free printed annual reports for many companies via E-mail. Subscription-based services via the Internet through a Library Factiva is a searchable full-text database of nearly 8, newswires, newspapers, magazines and trade journals. It includes more than 2, professional, scholarly, trade and general interest periodicals, including full-text for 1, titles and citations and abstracts for the others.

The database also covers 27 primary and secondary U. Public opinion data back to s from the Roper Center. It provides the average of the estimates, the number of analysts, low, high and EPS growth rate Reuters provides earnings estimates and recommendations on stocks culled from hundreds of research firms.

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

The Research section provides not only current estimates, but also historical estimates and revisions over the past few months. Free email alerts and resources. It also gives a very comprehensive breakdown of all of the sections in the filings. The all purpose site for traders, also includes F, stock indices rates, charts, IMM swaps, and analysis. Indexes U. Commodities Canadian Indexes Yahoo! The three components of the Business Library's subscription to SDC are: VentureExpert , which has data on venture capital deals from onward. VentureXpert is the single source for comprehensive information on venture funds, private firms, executives, venture-backed companies and limited partners, as well as an analytics source for fund performance, commitments, disbursements, and statistics.

VentureXpert's comprehensive data includes: investment information for over 23, private-equity backed companies, over 7, venture capital and buyouts funds managed by over 4, private equity firms, over , private equity transactions from to the present Exclusive deal and fund information from all corners of the globe. New Issues, containing all taxable issues of debt, equity and taxable municipals since The Database is updated daily, but there is a 60 day embargo on the data via our academic subscription. Includes profiles of over 1, firms and investors, searchable by name, geography, type of firm, industry, size and other variables.

Results may be printed but not downloaded. Dealscan Business Electronic Services - DealScan is a comprehensive and reliable source for global loan, high-yield bond and private placement data terms and conditions on over , transactions dating back to Approximately new transactions are added weekly to the database. DealScan contains over search categories, which can be used to customize a search and screen comprehensive data to find market information.

Reports can be sorted, printed, and downloaded into Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Both simple and detailed reports are available. Use customizable report options and select and display only relevant information. Generate League Tables on the fly. Display reports in a currency of your choice. Delivering the most in-depth information available, the Global Corporate Finance database covers more than , U. There is a 60 day embargo on the data. Sign up and receive email alerts on transactions. Membership required for most of the site, some parts are free. You can sign up for a free trial subscription, but after two weeks, you will have to pay for access.

Most of the site is free; great resource for VC information. You will get deal size, price paid, some financial data. This database is for subscribers, but you can do free searches via the "visitor search" button. Or, browse IPOs alphabetically or chronologically by filing date. Includes prospectuses, analyses, news, and more.

Most of the information is free, but there is a portion of the site that requires subscription.

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Information on IPOs. Free information on IPOs, company and market data. IPO — Yahoo! Finance has a section dedicated to IPOs.

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Much of this site is free. Also includes aggregate import and export data, balance of payments, and a wide range of other financial information. Data is available in time-series format and downloadable directly into a spreadsheet. An excellent online manual is available via Princeton University. Search by stock symbol or company name to locate financial profiles on more than 12, major companies in 58 countries, including those both publicly and privately held.

Reports include corporate profiles, operating summaries, balance sheets, income statements, financial ratios, stock data, and accounting practices. Some items have links to full-text. Contains detailed reports on investment conditions for hundreds of countries, as well as economic policy and trade practices, foreign economic relations, labor trends, country-specific commercial guides, exchange rate information, and FDI flows by source country, usually for the past three to five years.

Only available in the Business School Library. World Development Indicators - HC W available in The Electronic Data Service. World Bank data from over countries and more than time series, including Foreign Direct Investment Inflows as a percentage of GDP and GDI, Gross Domestic Fixed Investment, net direct and portfolio investment, and a wide range of other economic and socio-economic time series.

Data is annual and can be downloaded directly into Excel, SAS and other statistical software packages. Selected indicators are available on the web site linked with the title, above.

The Basics of How Technical Analysis Works for Investors

Searchable database. Currency conversions can be calculated back to January Bypass the first part of the page with basic search tools to reach links for background and data on countries, as well as links to sites that report on risk. ITC is directly responsible for implementing UNDP-financed projects in developing countries and economies in transition related to trade promotion.

Some additional services are restricted to members.

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From the Trade Compliance Center , U. The new NAICS system will replace the countries' separate classification systems with one uniform system for classifying industries. Also available at the site is Transition Brief, a quarterly newsletter that provides updates on the activities of The Centre. Fundamental analysis takes a different approach. Sentimental analysis sees traders effectively take the pulse of key players in the market: journalists, influencers and everyday consumers among them. There is method behind the madness here.

Candlesticks enable you to see the full details of how the price of a crypto asset fluctuated over the course of one trading session and make comparisons that span a longer period of time. It almost looks like a vertical rolling pin. When prices have gone up over the course of the day, the candlestick will be green. The thin line at the bottom shows the lowest price that was recorded for the crypto asset during the trading session, while the thin line at the top shows the highest price that was reached.

The bottom of the thicker section shows how much the asset was trading for when markets opened, while the top of that rectangle illustrates the price upon closing. Meanwhile, when prices take a tumble, the candlestick turns red. The principle for reading the chart is the same, but everything is inverted.

Now, the thin line at the top shows the highest price for the day, and the thin line at the bottom shows the low.


The trading session illustrated by the thick red line, from top to bottom, illustrates where prices stood when the markets opened and closed. For example, a hammer candlestick usually features a long line at the bottom, which indicates that prices have fallen steeply before recovering to close higher. Usually, this can be interpreted to mean crypto assets were being sold extensively during the trading session, but buyers applied enough pressure to help prices rise again.

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  • This pattern can also be inverted, meaning that the long line shoots out from the top of the body. Oftentimes, this can indicate that prices have been in decline but could be about to turn around and rise again.

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    • Shooting star candlesticks look quite similar to inverted hammers but occur in a different context. These are typically seen after price advances and signal that an asset could be about to embark on a downward trend. Hanging man candlesticks are also useful for assessing when markets might be about to start weakening. These candlesticks arise after a period when prices have been trending upward, with that long lower shadow we were talking about before indicating that selling pressure means the increases of recent sessions may come to an end.

      When reading candlestick charts, it is crucial to get a short-term view as well as a long-term view — and take measures to protect yourself in case of volatility in the market. This is usually achieved using a stop-loss or stop-limit, which involves automatically selling an asset when it reaches a predetermined high or low point. Most analysts are trying to uncover trends that reveal where the market is going. One popular method is known as trend lines.

      This, combined with analyzing the shape of candlestick charts, can help reveal whether a trend is likely to continue or come crashing to an end, enabling traders to make considered decisions on what their short-term strategy should be. A similar strategy involves something called a moving average. Hacking attacks, regulatory rulings, significant news stories, landmark agreements and new product launches can all help you to stay ahead — and give an idea of where the candlestick will fall before it does so.