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Formulated with certified organic ingredients, this sweet-smelling shower gel is perfect for any skin type. How many times have you needed a shower post-work and pre-party, but only have a quick 20 minutes to get ready?!

I hereby present to you Yuni, a waterless body wash. Yup, you heard that right! This no-rinse cleansing foam lifts dirt, sweat, and odor from the skin with its antibacterial blend of aloe vera, neem extract, and essential oils. It's time to get your party pants on, because now you have no excuse!

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The enriching body wash also has hibiscus extract for a moisturizing component — and fig extract that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to nourish and calm any patchy red rosacea. Revive your skin with an energizing body wash designed to cleanse and rejuvenate. With a mix of citrus oils and ginger root, this plant-based formula will leave you feeling invigorated and smelling sensational.

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Best Budget Buy. Best Splurge. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Alexandra Schimko Marketing Manager. Organic ingredients that works and sustainability is our main priority , which is why we are so happy about the fact that our products are processed locally at the plant of our sparring partner, who has been indispensable during the developing process.

Another benefit is that the products are produced in small batches — in this way we ensure delivery of only fresh products. Nonetheless the durability is always min. We have chosen the beautiful and elegant Miron glas as the continuous packaging in our product line.


Glas is one of the most natural packaging materials, it is recyclable and furthermore the dark-purple Miron glas has the remarkable effect to prolong the durability with months, since light can not permeate and damage the natural products. As an adult I realised that many of my grandmothers values must have ment a lot during my growing up. She invited me into her organic and natural universe, and she inspired me to study for Naturopath as an adult.