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The number of sounds available is increased by the use of tones: the particular pitch at which a word is pronounced determines its meaning.

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The same combination of letters pronounced with a different tone will produce different words. Not all syllables are pronounced with tones; where there is no tone, the syllable is written without a tone mark. In Chinese, the tone is as important a part of the word as the consonant and vowel sounds. Context usually makes the meaning clear, but it is still important whenever possible to use the correct tone in order to reduce the chance of misunderstanding.

Ask a Chinese speaker to read the words for you so that you can hear the tonal differences. Abbreviations adj pl pol sing adjective plural polite singular The Chinese language has a number of characteristics which are very different from European languages, the most important of these being that there are no inflections for case, number or gender and that verbs do not decline. In both the written and spoken language, statements are kept short and the repetition of what has already been expressed is avoided.

Pronouns, both personal and impersonal, are often omitted. Nouns Singular and plural forms of nouns are nearly always the same. The exact meaning will be clear from the context or word order.

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The following are added after the adjective or adjectival verb to indicate the degree of comparison Measure words, of which there are around fifty in common usage, are added to the end of the demonstrative or numeral and precede the noun. The meaning of verbs is also influenced by a number of suffixes and sentence particles see pages and There are a number of ways of forming questions in Chinese. Read more. The Rough Guide Vietnamese Phrasebook 3. Recommend Documents.

The list goes on. The book even includes an abridged English-Mandarin and Mandarin-English dictionary at the end. LP Mandarin Phrasebook on Amazon. It boasts over 7, different words and phrases organized based on situation as well as a searchable dictionary. What makes the Rough Guide Mandarin phrase book desirable is the fact that it comes with a companion smartphone app that will help you with pronunciation.

Other benefits include:. Rough Guides books are known for their beautiful photography and pleasing layout. Rough Guide Mandarin on Amazon. In addition to what you would expect with the typical phrase guide, DK Eyewitness Travel also includeas:.

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Like Lonely Planet, DK Travel also offers phrases in both Chinese characters and pinyin, which is useful for both pronunciation or just using the guide to point and show a Chinese person. What I love about all of the DK guides is their attention to detail in layout. The books are beautiful and they are organized in such a way that makes them very easy to open and use. DK Mandarin on Amazon.

There are a number of great Chinese voice translation apps , but iTranslate is one of the only ones that offers a phrase book as well. Search forums. Jump to forum. Forum categories. All forums. Country forums.

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