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F-6C PC Lt. William T Dooley, Jr. The photograph was taken by 1st Lt. The th was activated from a Michigan-based National Guard unit. They eventually transitioned to F-6B Mustangs. Photo caption - "British Spitfire parked on an airstrip in England. The four Squadrons of the 67th Recon Group 12th Observation - later Reconnaissance Squadron; th Observation - later Reconnaissance Squadron; th Observation - later Reconnaissance Squadron and rd Observation - later Reconnaissance Squadron were the oldest in the American air force, dating back to At this point they moved from Membury to Middle Wallop, Hampshire, and flew adapted Mustangs in reconnaissance missions over northern France.

One of their objectives was to collect information about enemy coastal defences in preparation for Operation Neptune. Constituted as 67th Observation Group on 21 Aug Activated on 1 Sep Began training in Jan for duty overseas. Moved to the European theater, Aug-Oct Trained in England for more than a year before beginning operations in Dec Used P's, P's, and F-5's to fly artillery-adjust-adjustment, weather-reconnaissance, bomb-damage assessment, photographic-reconnaissance, and visual-reconnaissance missions. Received a DUC for operations along the coast of France, 15 Feb Mar , when the group flew at low altitude in the face of intense flak to obtain photographs that aided the invasion of the Continent.

Flew weather missions, made visual reconnaissance for ground forces, and photographed enemy positions to sup port the Normandy campaign and later to assist First Army and other Allied forces in the drive to Germany. From Jan to May , photographed dams on the Roer River in preparation for the ground offensive to cross the river, and aided the Allied assault across the Rhine and into Germany.

Returned to the US, Jul-Sep Inactivated on 31 Mar Moved to England, without tactical components, in Squadron While serving as part of the 9th Air Force in the European Theater of Operations, the 33rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron was at various times part of three groups The pilot became disoriented in the clouds and crashed the aircraft into the sea. There are no losses or claims. There are nol losses or claims. Knights at Tournament.


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World War II Combat Reconnaissance Tactics book, Elite No , Osprey

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World War II Combat Reconnaissance Tactics

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