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MedCords Mobycy PregBuddy Recruiterflow Scapic Slang Labs Streak Swaayatt Robots Swajal Trashcon Labs Private Limited Uncanny Vision Unifie Unilodgers Vyuti Systems No other startup in the market is providing Australians with local meetups through workshops.

Aceable is one app that lets you become a learner driver and get a license at your doorstep. Augean Robotics is working on autonomous robots for farming and construction industries. The team has developed its first product named Burro, a self-driving robot that follows the user around and maps the journey, forming a virtual conveyor belt.

It can lift up to pounds of weight. Burro has received a small amount of funding for building the MVP. The product is currently in use of many farmers in the USA.

  • Exploring hyperspace: a non-mathematical explanation of multivariate analysis.
  • The Economist - 13 January 2001.
  • Leviathan (Leviathan, Book 1).

Emotix is an AI-Robotics startup working to develop emotionally intelligent robots capable of engaging, educating and entertaining the children above the age of five. The half-a-foot robot has access to a wide pool of knowledge that it conveys to the child in a conversational tone. The robot provides an interactive way for children to engage, play and learn, all at the same time.

Zume Pizza is an AI company working on smart production and delivery of Pizza. Previously, it was the job of humans to make and deliver Pizza. But now, things have changed and Pizzas are cooked en route to the delivery place. They use automated ovens and self-cleaning robot cutters for this purpose. BenchOn helps the people get short-term contract work from well-known companies creating a win-win for both. It boosts economic stability and generates more employment opportunities and job stability. The purpose behind the startup is to reduce the unemployment within society. This way people will involve themselves in constructive work, and also earn for their services.

Through BenchOn they can work on their business while keeping contractual work with reputed firms. Not many companies hire disabled people. This is one gap that Incluyeme fills. It is creating a social impact by connecting companies with jobs that are suitable for the disabled. This way both are having a win-win situation.

  1. Automotive Computer Controlled Systems (Automobile Electronics Referex Engineering);
  3. 2. You will really enjoy going to work because everyone is so passionate about the product/idea..
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  5. 30 Resources To Find Canadian Startups?
  6. It has already become sustainable and is likely to go global in the next few years. Zenjob is a platform that connects companies with student workers.


    The purpose behind the startup is that temporary staffing agencies are still struggling with digital media. Zenjob provides a united platform where companies can post temporary staffing requirements, and students can develop their profiles and bid on them. It is very much similar to freelancing platforms, but the jobs are not remote.

    Contentflow is a Software-as-a-Solution — SaaS startup that focuses on developing software solutions to live stream video content during events. What makes it stand out from the rest comes down to its multiple impressive features. It can cut, edit, and even edit live stream. It can distribute the content of the user to multiple platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and even Twitter.

    The 53 Top Indian Startups

    CarServ is a management platform for automobile mechanics. The idea behind CarServ has its own amazing story. The founder of this startup says that his car broke down and he was uncertain — just like many others — about when will his car get repaired. CarServ is working to change that.

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    In a way, this software solution will completely remove the hassle of fussy conversations between customers and mechanics. All companies have processes. But do they follow them? Most probably there is a document for each process within the organization, but they are not followed in the true spirit. Tallyfy aims to change this practice by making processes simple and easy-to-follow. And, you can already see that it is succeeding in doing that. They change their apps after only three or four iterations.

    Kobiton is trying to change that by offering SQA service for mobile apps. It has a platform that can test apps on more than devices, having different OSs and mobile screens.

    Startups vs Big Tech Company (which is better?)

    With Kobiton, developers get to have control over the entire mobile experience including multi-touch, GPS, camera, etc. It also offers automatic activity logs and reports that are accessible at all times and by all members. People need a stove to burn wood and cook while they are camping outdoors. Solo Stove provides the solution for such situations.

    The company behind Solo Stove started a crowdfund on Kickstarter. The product takes pictures of each page, processes them, and saves them in OCR format. It can process pictures of objects and then send them directly to a projector through an HDMI port. Vestua is an ecommerce fashion brand based out of Spain. The thing that makes Vestua different from the rest is that it sells second-hand clothes and accessories to those who cannot afford the new branded ones.

    The brand does all the heavy lifting including pick and drops from those who are selling their clothes and managing logistics and fulfillment. The startup earns almost 60 percent of the total cost of an item sold through its website. Squat Wolf is an activewear ecommerce brand operating in the Dubai market. It started functioning only a few years ago, but it has already gained quite a lot of traction in the local Dubai market.

    It is one of the best startups to watch out in the Middle Eastern market in What if you could get things at a wholesale price instead of the retail price while shopping? Boxed shopping website does that for you. The only condition is that you will be only shipped a box. Do ensure to fill the box. Simply pay the product cost and you are done. Currently, it is working as an authentic wholesaling store that sets it apart from the rest. Simplified shopping is something we all can look forward to, thanks to this startup.

    Hate getting robbed? EufyCam is your solution to a long-term security solution for home, office, or almost any place. Simply install the security camera for surveillance, and stay worry-free for a year. This is one smart security startup that you should keep an eye on in TrackerHero is a security monitoring system that focuses specifically on security industries. It is a holistic solution for apps, IoTs, and remote monitoring to guard those who guard others.

    The reason behind TrackerHero is that it is highly difficult to track mobile workers who either work remotely or from some other place. There is a complete disconnection between farmers and consumers, especially big consumers like hotels and restaurants. Thing is working to fill the gap. It offers a platform where farmers and consumers can connect — removing the intermediaries out — so that farmers can earn more profit, and consumers can get a prompt supply of food and better quality.

    HappyEMI is a Point of Sale POS financing service that allows consumers to buy products of their choice on loan and then repay it within time — setting their own terms. HappyEMI is currently one of the best startups that offer loan services in India.

    No other service is providing on-credit services to users through POS machines. Did we miss any best startup that should be a part of our list? Or you have a new startup who you think can make it into this list then go ahead and let us know by commenting below. He loves all things entrepreneurial and wakes up every day with the desire to enable the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs through his work! Join over 1 million designers who get our content first Join over 1 million designers who get our content first.

    Continue Change settings Find out more. Select Category. A lot of good advice is contained in the foundational marketing guide Positioning , which Jackson recommends. But in particular, she cites a formula she learned from former Google Head of Marketing and Communications Christopher Escher when she was an associate product marketing manager:.

    60 Best Startups You Need to Watch Out for in 12222

    For target customer. Who statement of need or opportunity ,. Product name is a product category. That statement of key benefit. Unlike competing alternative. Product name statement of primary differentiation. Using this framework, you can explain your product or service in as plain of English as possible.

    STARTUP STATISTICS – The Numbers You Need to Know

    This requires some pre-work. Answering the following questions can help you get to a concrete statement:. Why do you do what you do? What is your broadest circle of prospective customers? What pain points are these customers experiencing? Be as clear and specific as possible.

    Platform Science: a telematics bigwig is back with a new company

    What emotions do customers associate with these pain points? What other companies solve similar problems? Avoid all buzzwords. For examples of what this formula looks like for companies such as Amazon and Harley Davidson — as well as more positioning guidelines — learn more from Arielle here. Before those roles, he designed and developed credential validation systems for the U. Engberg advises taking advantage of the built-in familiarity of a small, close team.

    One easy fix? So setting up two-factor authentication for logins is just a matter of turning on that setting as an administrator. One thing he advises: don't do mission and vision early.