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A Companion to Contemporary French Cinema

I am particularly interested in documentary cinema. Questions of French national identity, including changing attitudes towards the place of rural, colonial, and postcolonial spaces and people, were at the heart of my first book project, Framing the Nation: Documentary Film in Interwar France. The book examines the contribution of documentary films and programs to the portrayal of regional and colonial cultures within broader discourses about the French nation. My second book, Vivre Ici, explores questions of space, place, and viewer experience in contemporary French documentaries. These films depict life in French places such as wilderness, roads, schools, farms, and urban edgelands, and rather than presenting an informational or didactic approach, they instead invite the viewer to experience these places alongside the humans and animals who inhabit them.

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Other articles and book chapters explore topics such as orality, the politics of food, and propaganda in French and Francophone documentary and fiction film, as well as questions of French colonial history and colonial tourism. Liverpool University Press, Eglantine Morvant and Jean-Luc Lioult. Presses Universitaires de Provence, Venus Bivar and Tamara Whited.

This finely researched learn is a must-read for movie students, movie fans and someone drawn to the non secular dimensions of pop culture and renowned leisure. Barbara Creed, Professor of reveal reviews, Head of the varsity of tradition and verbal exchange, collage of MelbourneA hugely unique paintings of scholarship.

Aitken uncovers how the British legitimate movie, and British legitimate info firms, tailored to the epochal contexts of the chilly conflict and finish of empire. These new experiences do not take place in a cinematic dispositif in the proper and usual sense of the word, which, although it presents variants in terms of different periods and countries, has nevertheless remained essentially stable. In spite of contemporary transformations, cinema remains marked by the unique power of taking place in an elsewhere, with an invitation offered to the spectator to adopt another type of gaze.