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It is ready to hang from the anaesthesia workstation, handy, easy to open, colour coded each section has its own colour to be differentiated and easy located , and with big font size to allow for easy reading and understanding. Around 10 steps to go are presented for every critical event. The steps will guide the clinician when diagnosis is already done.

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The crisis prevention section includes a point machine check, adverse parameters checklist, and diagnostic pathways to help rapid diagnosis on deteriorating events. The diagnostic pathways are specially helpful when there is a real evidence that something is not going well, but the source of the problem has not been clearly identified yet. Crisis prevention is also addressed in a specific chapter and it is advisable to use routinely to make sure that prevention checking has been done before starting any anaesthetic procedure.

This section contains the description of 11 events. Crisis aftermath is also addressed and a way to manage and take the positive from it is well explained.

The format is great. It has a ring for hanging the book close to the anaesthesia workstation.

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Last but not least, a blank page for notes and a list of the Local and Hospital Emergency Phone Numbers to be filled by the anaesthesiologist is also available. Summarizing, this is not a textbook, not even a book as we understand it. The Anesthetic Crisis Manual must be considered an aid, a piece of fast use information that will help us when anaesthetic crisis shows up, to orient the kind of crisis and act accordingly for the benefit of the patient.

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It should not be kept in our pockets or on bookshelves but rather hanging very visible and handy in any anaesthesia workstation in or out of the operating theatre. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

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The cover of the book is so nice it makes you want to stroke touch it. It fits comfortably in one hand, has a sturdy ring binder with a device to allow the book to hang from any RESUS trolley. The pages, like the Australian Dollar, feel like they are made of plastic and are resistant to spills in the trauma environment.

The pages are clearly indexed, tabulated and colour coded, with large writing and a simple, intuitive presentation. The Crisis Management section presents 2 pages on each topic.

Anaesthetic crisis manual.

The left page provides a concise prioritized list on how to manage the crisis. The right page elaborates and defines key issues pertinent to the crisis such as differential diagnoses, target physiological parameters, drug dose preparations or a brief description on how to perform procedures.

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  5. Crisis management during anaesthesia: the development of an anaesthetic crisis management manual..
  6. Topics covered include:. The Crisis prevention section deals mostly with the approach to an isolated abnormal physiological parameter and adds a nice touch to the manual. The layout is similar to the preceding section with the left page this time dedicated to a list of causes for the abnormality, and the right side describing a diagnostic pathway to isolate and fix the problem.