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According to our unofficial poll, some men and women are willing to be in a relationship if the sex is a little "meh," but most say no way. Here's how 10 men and 10 women answered when asked: "Is bad sex a dealbreaker? I was dating the best, most caring, nice, and romantic guy in the world. But when we had sex for the first time, I couldn't even feel him inside me. I knew there was no chance after that.

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If a guy is a bad boyfriend, you can't turn him into a good one—and you shouldn't even try. But you can totally improve a subpar performer in bed. I want a guy who can really excite me and surprise me in the bedroom. If he can't take charge and own it, then I'll lose interest. There are more important things than sex. I don't care if a guy can't make me orgasm if he can make me dinner, listen to a recap of my day, and treat me well.

It's not like I don't know how to get myself off later. I once dated a guy who was so unsure of himself in the bedroom, he was always asking if I liked what he was doing or if I was OK. I ran out of ways to politely say, 'Maybe don't ram yourself [into me] quite so hard. Relationships are about supporting and challenging each other.

If he's there for me in the ways that matter, we can work around less-than-hot sex. My libido is definitely higher than his. When we do have sex, it's pretty meh, but it works enough that I'm OK in the relationship. You can't teach someone to screw you hotter. That's just not how it works. Get out while you can. Sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship. I have enough platonic friends. Last night, my boyfriend helped me with a work problem and gave me a mind-blowing orgasm before dinner was ready. A night like that always makes us feel closer.

That includes looks, personality, and how she is in the bedroom. I used to date this girl who basically had no experience and she was just terrible—especially when blow jobs were involved.

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But she knew it and wanted to get better, so she was open to a lot. Steve is seen as either the sex expert or a devious man. Many couples endure sexual turmoil and private agony for years without knowing this is normal. And sadly, many couples end the marriage too soon before the process can actually be used for their own personal development bootcamp. When more couples can understand this dynamic they gain a big boost in working through the inevitable struggles it causes.

People seek out information to help improve their sex life because, sadly, many professionals and even the religious are subtly selling a lie that married sex is supposed to the great, mind blowing, hot and heavy, all night every night type of sex — or at the very least regular and somewhat enjoyable. Perhaps you, like me, have bought in to your own detriments and shortcomings in the sexual arena.

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You see, married sex is bad on purpose. This is because really good sex requires growing up, a. Instead of being straight about her low sexual desire for him she turns it in to him never being satisfied. It alleviates the pressure on her but it also prevents them from getting honest and moving out of gridlock.

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Steve has been communicating quite clearly all along that his greater interest lies in getting instant gratification — not only of his sexual drives but also of both his need to be validated and his need to get control. Some high desire spouses do this with begging and weeping. Some do it with an explosion of rage and physical dominance. But, when we look straight at these things in ourselves we may feel badly, but over time we can achieve something unique and powerful.

It is asking them to play it straight and plunge into the unknown world of letting themselves be truly seen — the good and the bad — and to be honest and assertive by living with more self respect so that passion, collaborative alliance, and love-making have a chance. It is asking them to recognize in peace where they end and another begins. It is asking them to stop grasping for love and to start being grounded in love. Editors Note: To learn more about this idea and what to do next, pick up a copy of Naked Marriage. He has a Ph.

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Sign Up Today. Check it out. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. They fall in love and get married shortly after graduation. Because bad married sex is an evolutionary i. Sex in marriage, especially bad married sex, asks for something from us. Source: Schnarch, D.