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The clothes are perfect, but my children have had new clothes to wear. Hearing him intently and helping him through whatever you can, is kindness.

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By s miling at the other person we can do this. I do it when i go for my morning walk. I believe in a theory that by my smiling at the person, I can surely improve his day. There is no compulsion on me to do this. But i still do without much ego and funfare as a duty,as a good citizen. This is kindness.

It is easier to be kind when have everything and share some of it with kindness. But when I have nothing and seek something myself, to be kind to others and give half of it or all of it, that is transformational. Interestingly though, I found poor give away bigger percentage of their wealth and are more kind to others who need what they need. Recently, i have been experiencing a lot of kindness and compassion from others.

It feels like when I am ready to receive, my heart opens to seeing others who are kind. Most of my life it was all about my kindness but recent experience makes me believe that I was so blind and self centered and did not have a clue what kindness really meant. I had conceptual and intellectual understanding but till I became empty and open to learning, listening and receiving Grace, what I had did not amount to much Or search by year or author.

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On Aug 6, Connie wrote: You touch my heart. On May 28, Anita massaro wrote: One of the most moving poems-words spun into the deepest crevices of the soul to touch the hidden places where empathy and compassion are stored- i read this aloud to a group of women in recovery and after the reading the option was a smoke break or to talk-they chose to sit and revist- this spsaks volumes to the power. On Jul 31, Silva Popaz wrote:. On Dec 31, mimi nardini wrote On Jan 22, julimac wrote: This is a killer poem. On Jul 8, Carolyn Cordon wrote: Beautiful and healing words.

On Jul 7, brinda wrote: WOW. What a powerful poem. Grateful to learn of this wonderful poet. On Apr 23, susan wrote: Ohmygoodness, I await the delivery of the weekly iJourney read with delightful anticipation! It's all good-ness! She turns words into wisdom. Gentle and sharp at the same time. The first time I stumbled across this poem it prompted me to scribble this one: Before you know gratitude really is You must accumulate things, yes Feel your possessions pile up in a moment Like feather mattresses for a princess. Becomes necessity and all.

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Burdens t urn into butterflies. Rising i n colorful clouds. From y our shoulders. On Apr 21, Shariq wrote: Greetings! On Apr 21, raj wrote: my coment is basicly only one of tyep person that like losser person is depriceated but he done that work after long time that time felling his person is well but dont fell praod why? On Apr 19, Kathryn wrote: The part of the poem that referred to sorrow - I have experienced that sorrow.

These words of Nye's capture it as best as anything: Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside, you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing. On Apr 19, stephen Mbuthia wrote: I love this show,good work and keep it up.. On Apr 19, Tristan wrote: Really touched me, thanks.

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On Apr 19, rahul wrote: This passage was about attention for me: that to know kindness requires tuning into the constancy of the gifts that sustain us. Many examples of this: if somehow you don't get a meal or two, be with your hunger and watch how it changes all your lenses; if a car or train isn't available, let your muscles strain on the long journey home by foot or bicycle; if you feel ignored, embrace your fundamental aloneness past the point of discomfort; and through all of these things On Apr 19, Melissa wrote: This is simple and wise.

Thanks for sharing this lovely poem! On Apr 18, Somik Raha wrote: On the interplay of kindness and sorrow, the story that has inspired me the most comes from India's ancient epic, "The Mahabharata. He told his wife to make a meal that they would enjoy with their children, after having starved for many On Apr 18, Kinjal wrote: Beautiful poem and a strong message driving me to really take a step back and read those line aloud again in order to feel all those moments when kindness arose in the weakest moments of my life; when I felt I did not have anything left in me, I felt the kindness inside me that helped me help others and myself.


The lines that stuck with me: how desolate the landscape can be between the regions of kindness. On Apr 18, Ricky wrote: As I read and reread the passage, I am struck by the similarity between what I experience as an overwhelming sense of gratitude and this poetic experiential definition of kindness. On Apr 17, Conrad P. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness. The Laws of Gravity.

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About this book. An exquisite tour de force, The Laws of Gravity is a testament to what it means to be a family, what it takes to save a life, and the lengths we will go to protect the ones we love. The First Desire. Set in Buffalo, New York in the s and '40s, The First Desire is a book of great emotional power that brings to life the weave of love, grief, tradition, and desire that binds a family together.

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BookBrowse seeks out and recommends the best in contemporary fiction and nonfiction—books that not only engage and entertain but also deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I have especially always liked the thoughtful treatment he gives complex and delicate issues and his Before You Know Kindness. Chris Bohjalian. For ten summers, the Seton family—all three generations—met at their country home in New England to spend a week together playing tennis, badminton, and golf, and savoring gin and tonics on the wraparound porch to celebrate the end of the season.

In the eleventh summer, everything changed.