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Rama is a true friend. After all, what are we now? Just a house of rage and sorrow. Esmae once wanted nothing more than to help her golden brother win the crown of Kali but that dream died with her best friend. Alexi broke her heart, and she vowed to destroy him for it. Past lives threaten the present. Old enemies claim their due. And Esmae cannot outrun the ghosts and the questions that haunt her. What really happened to her father? What was the third boon her mother asked of Amba? For in the shadows, lurking in wait, are secrets that will swallow her whole. Do you want to know how you know a book is an excellent read?

When you call the author a breeder of heartache. The complex amazing familial relationships only get more complex, though, I mean I hold a torch for Bear, who I just want to sign up for baking classes and let him be happy. Realizing that revenge has tainted her in a way, she pulls away from relationships both friendly or otherwise and it hurts so much to watch her do that. But my eyes are leaking again.

Kyra can go fly a kite. A couple of things were verified but they were so tiny in the grand scheme of at least one or two plot twists. And her character development is done so well. Esmae will take drastic measures, she will stop at nothing to achieve what she thinks should be done. She goes so much further than I ever thought possible. Again, having to be vague to avoid spoilers. I probably sound like some overlyhyped junkie trying to push some drugs, but, guys, this was perfection and I loved it. Website Goodreads Twitter. An epic adventure across an enchanted fantasyland, this story follows air nymph Kiri on her desperate journey to escape from dark magicians.

The cover painting was done by Anne Drury, with titles by Story Wrappers. Website Facebook Twitter Instagram. Pretty much the definition of a delight to read. A fun and matter of fact look at the internal functions of the human body, both pleasant and unpleasant. Captain incredible Gentle giant Dan never puts a foot wrong in defence.

But when his skipper is sent off, will Dan be brave enough to put on the captain's armband? Captain Mack Danny has a difficult time at school. The school bully picks on him and Danny's friend, Captain Mack, still thinks that he is a POW and wants to return home. Capture, The It was bad when Jake found out his older brother was one of them. It was even worse when Tobias stayed in his morph too long. But nothing compares to the horror the Animorphs are about to face. Jake has a feeling he know where the Yeerks' new base is and how to get in.

But they never figured that they might get caught. Car crazy Step into the amazing world of cars. Look at the fascinating history of how cars first started and dare to imagine the cars of the future. Find your favourite car in this book for car crazy kids. Carbonel: the prince of cats A young girl buys a broom that belonged to a witch and a black cat, Carbonel, comes along as part of the deal.

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With the help of a little boy, they try to break a spell to help Carbonel reclaim his position as king of cats. Care and feeding of a pet black hole, The Stella Rodriguez learns the hard way that caring for a black hole can be a rather complicated thing. They are fantastic at swallowing stuff - all the stuff she no longer wants around, like scratchy sweaters and her brother Cosmo's annoying toy.

More importantly Stella finds that she can get rid of other things, things that remind her of her dad, who died recently, things that remind her to be sad. It's gets even more interesting when the black hole accidentally swallows something far too precious to lose and Stella has to go deep inside on an epic, interstellar adventure to save her whole world.

Who knew that have a pet black hole could be so much trouble? Carnivorous carnival, The The Baudelaire orphans are falsely accused of murder. On the run from Count Olaf, they disguise themselves in a carnival as entertainers. Cartboy and the time capsule Hal Rifkind wonders why he can't have the easy life he craves - a room of his own, time to play video games with his best mate Arnie and most of all, surviving grade six.

Instead he has to share his room with his twin baby sisters, is only permitted 15 minutes of video games on weekends and he has a year-long history assignment to complete. Case of the getaway gold, The Anna and Tim find the real thief of the getaway gold. Case of the graveyard ghost and other mysteries, The At the cemetery, pieces of headstone have mysteriously been discovered, along with bizarre notes.

When Anna and Tim stumble across a head, they prove that three heads are better than two and decide to get to the bottom of this deed. Case of the midnight zappers, The Tim and Anna's house has been zapped. The obvious suspects are the local gang called the Zappers, but Tim and Anna aren't so sure. Case of the Runaway Bullet, The A skinny mysteries book. Case of the vampire's wire, The Anna and Tim help solve three separate mysteries. A visit to the museum, a night at the theatre and a dinner invitation all present mysteries that need to be solved.

Case of the walkabout clock, The Mrs Wagner's antique clock has gone walkabout. Clocks are not supposed to be able to walk but there seems to be no other explanation. Castles A totally creative picture book which will fascinate children. Thompson's imaginary castles will provide endless hours of enjoyment for the readers as they move from page to page. Cat Striking colour photographs of members of the cat family, both wild and tame.

Provides information about cat ancestors, mythology, contemporary breeds, cats in literature, art and anatomy, feral cats and cat care. Cat called Trim, A Trim was a cat born for adventure This is the true story of a courageous, mischievous and fearless cat called Trim, who sailed with Matthew Flinders on his voyages to map the coastline of Australia and beyond.

Cat mummy, The Verity is devastated when Mabel, her adored cat, dies. School lessons about the Ancient Egyptians lead Verity to attempt to honour Mabel with an Ancient Egyptian mummification. Verity's mum died during childbirth and her dad and grandparents have avoided speaking to her about it, but now it is time to talk. Cathy Freeman A biography of one of Australia's most famous athletes and one of the books in the Young Achievers series.

Catland Having to stay with her Dad, his new wife and two stepdaughters when her mum goes to India is not as bad as Rose first thinks. Her stepmother is mounting a campaign against cats and a neighbour who has lots of them. Rose finds a solution. Cats in Krasinski Square, The The cats in Krasinski Square once belonged to someone and so did a young girl whose family has been destroyed by war. Even as she and her sister struggle to survive amid the war's chaos, they risk their lives in a plan to help others. Battle Boy's mission objective is to find out what happened to the Neanderthals.

But, Battle Boy's mission doesn't begin well. Cedar, seals and whaling ships Explores the developing technology and economy of Australia at the hands of the new white settlers: whaling, sealing, farming, timber-felling, ship-building, exploring and transporting goods by land and sea.

Celebrating Australia: a year in poetry A collection of poems connected by many of the key days and celebrations throughout the year in Australia. Cells to organ systems If you have ever wondered what a cell is, or how they make life, this book will explain it all. Go on a journey of discovery with humorous, colourful cartoon characters, to learn what cytoplasm, vacuoles, and chromosomes are, and how they form part of you. Centre of magic, The A power-hungry wizard has let loose the Wild Magic, and every creature in its path is transformed.

An earl becomes a cat, a coachman turns into a ferret, the chancellor is suddenly a hobgoblin, even King Max begins to change. Will Floramonde ever be the same again? Princess Betony and Prince Basil are determined to find the wizard and rescue their country, braving wolves, giants and other dangers along the way. But they need help, and it comes from a surprising source. Certain death When the circus comes to town, Poppy Fields and best friend Graham, soon discover that the certain death promised on the posters is no joke.

With one person dead and the circus performers still in grave danger, the pair will have to work fast to discover who's firing the shots. Certain music, A In , a young, lonely girl spends much of her time hiding in the Vienna Woods. She spies an old man, a composer, and they form an odd friendship which develops through their mutual love of music.

A story of how she triumphs over difficult circumstances and how people can help each other. Mission objectives include discovering who wins the Battle of Kadesh and the location of the tomb of Prince Awutali, and the priceless treasure that was buried with him. Charlie and the chocolate factory Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolate-maker, opens his doors to the public.

Young Charlie Bucket and four unworthy fellow winners, have the opportunity to discover some extraordinary secrets. For Charlie, life will never be the same again. Charlie and the great glass elevator Charlie Bucket has won Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and is on his way to take possession of it, in a great glass elevator.

When the elevator makes a fearful whooshing noise, Charlie and his family find themselves in splendid orbit around the Earth. A daring adventure has begun, with Willy Wonka leading the way. Charlie and the karaoke cockroaches "I didn't want the exterminator to be flattened by a flying sink. I just wanted a home for the cockroaches. Charlie and the war against the grannies "I didn't want Mrs Cyclopolos to explode.

I just wanted a paper round. Throw in a glass eye, snot-covered hankies and some mysterious underground people, and you have a fantastic adventure! Charlie Carver stacks it Quirky tales and scientific principles are included in the bizarre disasters that befall the Carver family. Charlie changes into a chicken Charlie McGuffin is just an ordinary boy dealing with a range of typical problems.

The Keepers Trilogy ~ Books

However, one day his life is completely turned upside down when he discovers he can transform into different animals! How will Charlie find a way to deal with his new powers and keep clear of the resident school bully? Charlotte and the starlet Charlotte is a thirteen year old girl with aspirations of joining the Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad. She loves riding and knows she is good but nothing has prepared her for the dirty tricks that other competitors have up their sleeves. Charlotte's web Charlotte, the spider, spins messages in her web to help save her friend, Wilbur, the pig.

Chasing the break Every year at Sandhurst School, the students compete to be the school's Sporting Legend, as the best out of eight sports. It is time to find out the legend of the surf: Mitchell Grady, the new boy, or Travis Fisk, the school bully. Chaucer is also represented as a character, who greets and farewells the readers. You've just checked into a crummy old hotel on a deserted highway. The problem? You can't check out -- ever! Dodging road trains by day and giant blue monsters at night, Dion weaves his way through life on an electric scooter, collecting rocks and dogs to make art.

In his dreams he sees animals from overseas and his mother's country, Lake Nash, but every morning, without fail, he puts on his favourite socks and gets ready to feed the dogs. Is it time yet? Chelonia Green: champion of turtles Michelle, alias Chellie, Chelonia is the scientific name for the green turtle , lives with her parents on a remote island off the coast of Queensland.

When a cherished loggerhead turtle dies after being choked by a carelessly discarded fishing line, Chellie sets out on a clean-up campaign, using some very effective letter writing and emailing. Chess nuts Jackson is sporty and popular. Anna is number one in the school chess squad.

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  • These two will have to get along once the game changes. Includes schoolyard banter. Chewing-gum kid, The Simon Bright has a feeling that this week is going to be different and he's right. After the discovery of the Super-Gum, his life changes. Chicken Stu Stu is a wuss, a weakling, a soft city kid. His cousins are tough farm kids who are daredevils.

    When Stu is packed off to the country for the summer, he has to face the dangers that lurk behind every tree, demonic lambs, yabby-infested tanks and, worst of all, his cousins. Chicken, chicken Everyone in Goshen Falls knows about weird Vanessa. She dresses all in black. Wears black lipstick. And puts spells on people. At least, that's what they say. Crystal and her brother, Cole, know you can't believe everything you hear. But that was before they made Vanessa mad. Before she whispered that strange warning, "Chicken chicken. Crystal's lips have turned as hard as a bird's beak.

    And Cole has started growing ugly white feathers all over his body. Chickpea Hooman, a young Iranian Australian boy, lives with his widower father and irritating younger sister, Mina. His pet hen, Chickpea, becomes broody over a clutch of infertile eggs and refuses to leave the nest. Child of the cloud Deep in the heart of Aladrya stands a mighty mountain. Rising high above the clouds, its rocky crags and windswept cliffs are home to four species of birds.

    The Dam Keeper: World Without Darkness - Graphic Novel Book 2 Trailer

    With only three days left until the full moon feast, Whisker's rescue mission hangs in the balance. Even if he can reach the mountain alive, he still has to outwit and out-fly the dreaded birds of prey. Child's dreaming Kevin Gilbert is an Aboriginal artist and poet and his poems focus on the Australian outback, in particular, the fauna.

    Child's introduction to ballet, A Experience dance in a whole new way by listening to the accompanying CD while reading about the history of ballet and its most famous dancers, composers and choreographers. Find out about the different ballet steps and positions, and read the wonderful stories of the world's greatest ballets. Children of the dragon: The race for the red dragon On their way to the Wudang Mountains to discover the fate of Qing's father and sisters, Qing and Harley make an unscheduled stop after they hear rumours of an ancient vase emblazoned with a red dragon.

    Enemies are everywhere, and Harley and Qing must race evil forces across Hong Kong and Southern China to find the legendary vase. Qing's magic is growing in power, but is it enough to counter the human and otherworldly forces that are determined to stop them at all costs? Children of the dragon: The relic of the blue dragon Harley Spark is just an ordinary thirteen-year-old kid who lives with his mum, Delia.

    Rumour has it that his dad, Ray, is an international crime figure with a talent for nicking old, valuable things. So when Harley finds an antique Chinese vase on the footpath, something compels him to stuff it under his school jumper and run for home. Little does he know he's about to reignite a centuries-old war between two ancient, supernatural families Children of the king, The Cecily, Jeremy and a young refugee, May, have been sent to live with Uncle Peregrine in the country, safe from the war in London.

    But, when Cecily and May find two mysterious boys hiding out in a nearby castle ruin, and Jeremy runs away to London to help in the war effort, several destinies come together to make an extraordinary adventure. Children of the new forest, The Cavaliers and Roundheads battle it out in the turbulent setting of the English Civil war, providing the background for this classic tale of four orphans trying to survive in the forest. Children's treasury of Milligan, A A rare and delightful collection of Spike Milligan's humour for children that includes 'Best of silly verse for kids', 'Milliganisms' and more.

    Chimpanzee book: apes like us, The They look cute and cuddly but don't underestimate them. Our closest living, animal relatives use tools to hunt, can hold a grudge and even use computers to communicate. China: everything you ever wanted to know Which emperor built a giant palace under the ground? Why is the fourth floor missing from many Chinese buildings? How would you like to snack on deep-fried scorpions? Chinese Calendar Tales series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

    Chocolate wishes Lulu scales new heights with her enchanted recipe book and now is challenged by an international arch villain. Chook called Harry, A There are ten chooks in the chook house and Chris collects the eggs every day. When his favourite chook, Happy Harry, stops laying, Chris's Dad says that she's not pulling her weight and will have to go. Chris must work out a way to save her. Some derogatory language used in context.

    Christian the lion Two young Australian men, Ace and John, who were living in London in the swinging 60s, bought themselves a real lion cub from Harrods department store. This book follows their journey to raise a lion cub in a big city and then attempt to return him to the wild, with the support of famed lion expert, George Adamson. Christina's Matilda Most people know the words to the song Waltzing Matilda and that it was written by the poet Banjo Paterson. But, not many know the origin of the tune.

    In , Christina Macpherson played an old Scottish marching tune and Banjo Paterson, who was visiting the family, liked it and wrote words to accompany the music. Banjo and the song became famous but Christina's role was forgotten until the s. Chronicles of Avonlea In the sea-sprayed town of Avonlea, there were wonderful stories. There was the case of Ludovic Speed, who wouldn't propose to the woman he had courted for fifteen years until Anne devised a plan to ""speed"" him up. Chronicles of Krangor series Battles, betrayals and beguiling enchantments.

    Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Chronicles of Narnia series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Chronologica: Incredible years that defined history, The Chronologica is an informative and entertaining glimpse into history, beautifully illustrated and full of incredible facts. This book has a combination of both major and lessor known historical events, ranging from Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, to Adolphe Sax, who patented the Saxophone.

    Chronologica is full of facts and figures, and will entertain history buffs and inspire some new ones. Cicada summer Two years ago, Eloise's mother died and, over time, sadness has taken her voice. Her father, preoccupied with grandiose schemes that allow him to run from his own grief, ignores what is happening with Eloise's quietness. When Eloise meets Anna, a girl from another time, things begin to change as Eloise finds the peace and safety she needs to heal. Circle Each year, bar-tailed godwits undertake the longest migration of any bird.

    They fly from Australia and New Zealand to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and then back again. The godwits follow invisible pathways that have been followed for thousands of years, while braving hunger and treacherous conditions to reach their destination. City of Ember, The Endless darkness is threatening the underground city of Ember. Food is in short supply, corruption is spreading and the lights keep failing. Soon Ember could be engulfed by darkness.

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    • Lina and Doon must find a way to escape before the lights go out forever. City of lies The Keeper Trilogy - Book 2. Goldie Roth is a trained thief and a skilled liar. She's supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt but she will not leave her sick parents. But, when Toadspit's sister is stolen, he and Goldie follow the child-stealers. She discovers some dangerous secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect. Goldie needs all her skills as a thief and a liar if she is to survive and save her friends. City of secret rivers, The Hyacinth is not at all pleased to move to London with her mother, partly because she still hopes her parents might get back together.

      Even her love of history does not make London more appealing, even less so when she opens her grandmother's farewell gift of a book titled A History of the Sewers of London which she is bored enough to actually read , although she is puzzled, intrigued and a little anxious when the accompanying card foretells terrible danger, with no clue as to what it might be. She soon discovers a world of magic and strange creatures and places. All is definitely not what it seems and it is not at all certain whom she can trust.

      With her mother's life at stake Hyacinth must use all her skills to find the right path to prevent a catastrophe. City of the rats Lief, Barda and Jasmine - companions with nothing in common but their hatred of the enemy - are on a perilous quest to see the seven lost gems of the magic Belt of Deltora. Clarice Bean spells trouble Clarice Bean is a vital, entertaining young girl. She relates to our problems and enthralls us with her exploits and the way she faces life with a delightful wit and faces challenges head-on.

      Clarice Bean storybook series Spunky year-old Clarice Bean Tuesday and her adventures at home and at school! Clarice Bean, don't look now There seems to be an awful lot in Clarice's life to worry about and when she finds herself unable to sleep at night, she devises a Worst Worries list. But Clarice soon realises that your worst worry is the worry you haven't even thought to worry about.

      The Hall of Horrors is open. Step into the nightmare! Mickey and Amanda are put in charge of their vacationing neighbors' cat, Bella. All they have to do is make sure she has enough to eat and doesn't destroy the house. Seems simple enough. But Bella escapes from the house and disappears. Mickey thinks she may have been hit by a car but there is no body. Amanda has an idea to replace the cat with a look-alike from the local pet store Cat Heaven. They find a cat that looks exactly like Bella, but the clerk won't sell it to them, so they decide to steal it. Big mistake!

      These cats are more than they seem to be. Clean break Em and her siblings are devastated by their dad's departure. Em escapes to a fantasy world with the help of a reindeer glove puppet. Clearheart Ella is the Clearheart, part human and part magical. She is striving to learn how to fly so she can win the skateboarding championship, but the Duke has a dastardly plan to invade Magus which Ella must foil. Clearing the pack Every year, the students compete to be the school's Sporting Legend - the best out of eight sports. The first round was surfing, then cricket, tennis - now the sport is football.

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      Along with her friend Toadspit, she's supposed to be one of the Keepers of the mysterious Museum of Dunt. But although she desperately wants to be a Keeper, she will not leave her sick parents to do so. But when Toadspit's sister Bonnie is stolen, he and Goldie are forced to follow the child-stealers to the neighboring city of Spoke. Along the way, Toadspit too is captured, and Goldie is caught up in the Festival of Lies, where every word she says means something else and no one can be trusted. There, Goldie discovers some dangerous secrets-secrets that the child-stealers will kill to protect.

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      She will need all her skills as a thief and a liar if she is to survive and save her friends. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition.

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