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Monthly Review | Creating an Ecological Society: Toward a Revolutionary Transformation

Sasha Ross of EarthFirst! Join the discussion …. A recent interview with Naomi Klein has sparked a furious debate amongst activists on the right and left of the North American environmental movement. Chris Williams examines the critical issues involved, and their implications for the future of the movement as a whole, and of its growing ecosocialist wing in particular. Tag Archives Chris Williams.

Moving to a post-capitalist, ecologically sustainable society has never been more urgent. But what would that society look like, and how might it organise in the interests of people and the wider environment?

In this important book Fred Magdoff and Chris Williams give us a socialist vision of a socially just and ecological sustainable world, and offer some arguments as to how we might get there. They portray chillingly the dangers of impending disaster, demolish the myths that feed planetary destruction, and present intellectual building blocks for a transformational mass action. They have given us an indispensable handbook for eco-socialist action. Here at last is a road map through the apocalypse built on hope, not despair.

Synthesizing a stunning compendium of knowledge, Chris Williams and Fred Magdoff boldly confront the grave risks capitalism poses to humanity and the planet and argue with passion and conviction as to how we can find solutions in the society and nature already around us and not in some futuristic technology or political savior. Humans are now facing the most severe challenges that have arisen during their brief stay on Earth, both self-induced: nuclear weapons and ecological catastrophe, the latter a broad category including not just global warming, disastrous enough, but also destruction of species, radical disruption of nutrient cycles, and other unprecedented calamities.

With expansive analysis and synthesis of political ecology and economy Magdoff and Williams conclude that capitalism, not the physics of carbon or human nature, is responsible for the myriad entangled social-ecological crises of our time, including climate change; and so it must be abolished.

Part 1: John Bellamy Foster’s Research on the Ecological Crisis

They then make a revolutionary proposal with concrete examples toward creating an ecologically sound and socially just society. The impressive blending of biological with social, of elegiac narrative with practical instructions, will surely make Creating an Ecological Society a memorable and indispensable companion in the ecosocial revolution already underway.

To heal the rifts between society and nature, and create a system of co-evolutionary human development, we need a materialist social ecology that can serve as an instrument of worker-community struggles in and against capitalism.

Rising Profits, Sinking Planet: Socialist Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Magdoff and Williams pursue this project forthrightly and relentlessly. Creating an Ecological Society is required reading for anyone concerned about the planetary crisis and the needed changes in our systems of material provisioning. A work that will have immense value and appeal for professionals and non-specialist general readers alike, Creating an Ecological Society is unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library Contemporary Economics collections in general, and Environmental Studies supplemental reading lists in particular.

Chris Williams is an environmental activist, teacher, journalist, and author of Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis. Sophisticated and compelling, eschewing academic jargons 'postmodern' and otherwise, Ecology and Socialism more than competently champions a Marxist approach to environmental crisis and the kind of economic democracy needed to achieve an ecologically friendly system of production and human development. Chris Williams is a longtime environmental activist, professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University, and chair of the science department at Packer Collegiate Institute.

The Ecological Crisis and the Logic of Capital

He lives in New York City. Ecology and Socialism. Chris Williams.

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