Manual Edward Said on the Prospects of Peace in Palestine and Israel

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The Arab League warned that any such recognition of Jerusalem would be a blatant attack on the Arab nation.

Finkelstein - Israel & Palestine: Roots of Conflict, Prospects for Peace-Part 1

The Organisation for Islamic Co-operation will meet in Istanbul on 13 December in a special session to co-ordinate a response. Palestine will be free, the Palestinian nation will achieve victory.

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It is in contradiction of the basic tenets of peace. It shows bias and is an accommodation for occupation, force and military violence. The only reality is that law should be the basis for any recognition. He is trying to scuttle the chances of peace. In his mad rush to show he is different from other presidents he did not stop to think why other peace settlements failed. It will embolden extremists around the world.

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Edward Said · The Morning After · LRB 21 October

Israel defines itself as a democracy influenced by Judaism, its state religion; Palestinians aspire to a nation associated with Islam. Progressive Palestinians, mostly members of the intelligentsia. Said Arikat, Washington bureau chief of the Palestinian paper Al Quds, says that, because of the deterioration of the peace process, the spread of Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, and the closing of entire neighborhoods, Palestinians "have absolutely no control over their lives whatsoever.

It will take a generation, but there's nothing else. There's no other option.

The Morning After

How does this proposal compare to calls from Jewish and Palestinian extremists to establish a single state? The one-state solution under debate envisions a democratic nation populated by Jews and Palestinians alike. Radical Palestinians have long called for the destruction of Israel and the expulsion of all the Jews residing there. And certain fundamentalist Christians argue that the land of Israel was given by God to the Jews and cannot be divided. Some fundamentalist Jews share this view. Telhami says that in the s and '60s, the early days of the PLO, the group called for a single democratic state as part of its political platform.

Most Israelis and supporters of Israel, who see a single state as the end of the Zionist dream of a Jewish democracy in the Middle East. The New York Times wrote in its lead editorial on October 31 that "an insidious argument is gaining ground that the historic moment for the two-state solution has passed. Instead, according to this argument, the time has come to reconsider one state for the two peoples. This is code for the end of Israel and must be strenuously opposed. Some Mideast experts say that many Jews in Israel and elsewhere distrust Palestinian motives, suspecting that what Palestinians could not achieve by 50 years of violent uprising--their own state--they would take by way of the electoral process.

Donald Trump risks 'destroying peace hopes of Israelis and Palestinians'

But the state controlled by newly enfranchised Palestinians would encompass Israel--with its developed infrastructure, advanced economy, and, most critically, the nuclear arsenal it is widely believed to possess. There are currently some 5 million Jews in Israel, according to the country's Central Bureau of Statistics. There are also some 2 million Palestinian refugees scattered around the region in refugee camps and in Jordan, Syria, and other countries, Telhami says.

If all of them--and their children and grandchildren, who are entitled to claim refugee status--were to return to Israel, Jews would be in the minority.

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