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The following year, the G. Kwei says he tries to go through everything Inspector Darko Dawson, his protagonist, experiences.

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The training includes how to escape from a helicopter that has crashed in the ocean. Trainees, seated in a mock chopper cabin, must get out of the cabin after it is submerged in a deep pool and then inverted. Kwei did NOT do very well at this, although he managed to pass the course by the skin of his teeth. Detective Inspector Darko Dawson, a good family man and a remarkably intuitive sleuth, is sent to the village of Ketanu to solve the murder of an accomplished young AIDS worker At Cape Three Points on the beautiful Ghanaian coast, a canoe washes up at an oil rig site Solomon feels compelled to order Katherine out of the house they share.

Alone on her last night there, Katherine is brutally murdered by an intruder wielding a machete Kwei J. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free.

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Reader Reviews Click here and be the first to review this book! Kwei Quartey is a crime fiction writer and physician living in Pasadena, California. Having practiced medicine for more than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, he has attained noteworthy achievements in both fields. Quartey balances the two professions by dedicating the early morning hours to writing before beginning a day in his clinic.

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In , he began practicing medicine in California with HealthCare Partners. Quartey later founded the facility's wound care center while working as an urgent care physician.

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  • The following year, the G. National Book Club awarded him the Name Pronunciation Kwei Quartey: kway quart-ay.

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    A tale of courage in the face of arrogance that remains eerily relevant on U. Reader Reviews. A heartwarming memoir of motherhood and adoption told through an African American lens. Illuminating and deeply human, Today We Go Home shines a light on the brave military women of the past and present.

    Have you ever wanted to solve a murder? With this background, Quartey gives a very immediate and authentic voice and understanding of contemporary life in Ghana. I am sure Darko Dawson fans who have already read Quartey's previous books will find this a very welcome addition! The stories continue to move forward from each other and give a better sense to Dawson's character in both his strengths and weaknesses and with his relationship with his family members, particularly with his wife whose comments often spark ideas that help Darko in his police work and his interactions and there is good amusement in how he interacts with Gifty, his mother-in-law and occasional nemesis.

    Darko is very likable professional who strives to be a good father and husband as well as being passionate about his police work without putting himself too much in jeopardy.

    Gold of Our Fathers (Darko Dawson Mystery)

    The secondary characters are all realistic in their speech, mannerisms and interactions. I particularly liked how her visits connected with his former partner, the handsome Philip Chikata, who is part of the "fit, fast and furious" Special Force in the GPS. Do grab a copy and get into Darko's world of policing in Ghana Darko Dawson has just been promoted to Chief Inspector in the Ghana Police Service—the promotion even comes with a rather modest salary bump.

    Worst of all, when Dawson arrives at the Obuasi headquarters, he finds it in complete disarray. The office is a mess of uncatalogued evidence and cold case files, morale is low, and discipline among officers is lax. On only his second day on the job, the body of a Chinese mine owner is unearthed in his own gold quarry. As Dawson investigates the case, he quickly learns how dangerous it is to pursue justice in this kingdom of illegal gold mines, where the worst offenders have so much money they have no fear of the law.

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