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UCLA Hyperbaric Medicine - UCLA Vital Signs Newsletter

This increase of oxygen in the body speeds up the healing process. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was originally developed to aid scuba divers suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning or decompression sickness also known as the bends. Now, increased research has opened the door for hyperbaric oxygen therapy to be used for a multitude of different illnesses, from thermal burns to autism. So why is this potential cure-all not popular yet? Oxygen supply is a job for gas providers.

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Therefore there is no promotion coming from the pharmaceutical companies that have a large voice in the medical industry. As with any medical therapy, treatment brings both risks and benefits. One of the more frequently seen injuries caused by hyperbaric oxygen therapy is barotrauma ie, injuries caused by pressure as a result of an inability to equalize pressure from an air-containing space and the surrounding environment.

VIC: Safety alert over hyperbaric chambers

And children must be especially cautious, as it may be more difficult for their smaller bodies to maintain the correct body temperature in the midst of treatment. Toggle navigation.

Portal Home Create Profile. Keeps complete and accurate patient records as they pertain to treatment documentation. Lift patient or transfer per local policy. Need to be able to hear patients and staff. Also, listen to equipment for malfunctions.

A day in the life of a certified hyperbaric technician

Works closely with Program Director and Healogics to coordinate and approve all hyperbaric chamber upgrades, modifications, and repairs to the hyperbaric system, including interactions with hospital maintenance personnel and outside contractors, to ensure that all maintenance activities are done in accordance with appropriate safety standards. The technologist must maintain her original professional certification, such as an RN license, while also completing a minimum of 12 continuing education units in HBOT every two years to maintain her certification.

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  • HBOT technologists are classified as medical and clinical technologists by the U. HBOT technologists are responsible for operating, maintaining and cleaning the hyperbaric chamber.


    They monitor the patient before, during and after treatment, looking for signs of stress or side effects. In addition, they attend to the needs of the patient, escorting him into and out of the chamber, positioning him so that he feels comfortable, explaining the procedure and answering any questions he may have. They may also help physicians and researchers with studies involving HBOT, assembling equipment to be used in the research and collecting research data.