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Jay, You go man! A much needed free lossless option to Microsoft The more Apple stays away from supporting Microsoft products codecs at least the better. Thanks for all your work on this Jay. QuickTime and iTunes don't support each other's metadata? That seems just silly! But if you aren't doing a lot of work, it wouldn't be too hard to rig up an applescript and a small util on windows in VB,. So while it might not be "seamless", it will at least only take one or two clicks.

I'm running Panther with XCode and can compile for So if you need somebody to compile code, I can help with that. I never tested Artwork feature in iTunes when using the iTunes. However, the only bug that bothered me was the fact the plug-in had to read the Ogg file into memory until it hit an EOF condition and then it would play.

This lead to long delays between Ogg tracks Hey, I was just wondering what the status was on this. I know it's only been about a 15 days, but was wondering how things looked. QT component Josh. If for some reason this effort doesn't work out, perhaps we could create a prize for a successful implementation? How's it looking jcoalson? Rest assured, that whenever this project is finished it will be received with great acclaim and appreciation. Silly, but that's how it is.

Well, that and the fact that my wife is a Mac fanatic, and when we're on the road her iMac can't travel Last Edit : by M. It would definitely be great to use it along with QuickTime Broadcaster Thanks for your great work jcoalson. I am liking this. This looks extremely promising. You will be greatly appreciated. Ironically, it misses the most logical reason to support FLAC--lossless compressed audio is of enormous benefit to its media creation initiatives i.

He cited the relatively new platform hadn't failed once while rendering his film which was not what he experience with Avid. After completing much of the leg work under a separate agreement between The Oxygen Network and his production company during beta testing of Final Cut he became an outspoken advocate.

The studio motion picture The Rules of Attraction was edited on beta versions of Final Cut Pro 3, proving to the film industry that successful pulldown matchback to 24fps could be achieved with a "consumer" off-the-shelf product. His advocacy of the product gave confidence to mainstream editors such as Walter Murch , that the product was ready for "prime time. In August , the application won a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for its impact on the television industry.

Final Cut Pro 4 was announced in April It included three new applications: Compressor , used for the transcoding between video formats; LiveType for advanced titling such as the creation of animated lower thirds ; and Soundtrack , for royalty-free music soundtrack creation. It also bundled Cinema Tools , which was previously sold separately for filmmakers working with telecine. It uses the same interface as Final Cut Pro, but it lacks some of the film-specific tools and other advanced options, limiting the feature set for non-professional editors. Soundtrack was subsequently removed with Final Cut Express 4.

In April , version 4. The software had been capable of uncompressed HD editing since version 3. In March the Universal Binary 5. Upgrades were achieved by sending the original installation discs back to Apple with a fee.

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One noticeable difference is that the Intel versions of Final Cut and Motion no longer recognize After Effects plug-ins. Instead, Apple released its own universal plug-in architecture FxPlug. Once again, Apple did not have a booth at NAB , however the product was well represented on the show floor in various booths. In its initial release, Final Cut Pro X was met with mixed reviews as many video editors eschewed its dramatic departure from the traditional editing interface and the dropping of many legacy and some non-legacy features.

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At the time of the initial release, a significant number of long-time Final Cut Pro users considered the new product to be an unsatisfactory product undeserving to be part of Final Cut Pro product line. The initiator of the petition was banned from the Apple discussion forums. Apple has come under some criticism for not supporting the older. The software is called 7toX [15] and was developed by Philip Hodgetts.

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