Manual Task Analysis

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Skip to main content. Jump to Try a sample JTA Survey. JTA assessments enable organizations to get direct feedback from key employees and stakeholders about their day-to-day duties and provide insight into different dimensions of specific tasks, such as: Whether the respondent performs or supervises a specific task How the respondent rates the Difficulty of the task Importance of the task Frequency of the task.

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A task analysis is a detailed analogy of the steps required to complete a given task; it also records the way individuals complete their jobs. A task analysis should be divided in two parts — one that describes the task, and another that breaks the task into detailed steps. Write general information that describes the task, such as its number, name, the task performer or operator, patient or product, the location and the tools necessary to perform the task.

Define the time required to complete the entire task or sub-tasks. Also, list the results that each step produces.

Task Analysis/Safe Work Method Statement

Explain why the task analysis is necessary. The reason could be to standardize a product or job manual. The task analysis also could be a directive for specific situations, such as steps that young children should take in the event there Is danger nearby.

Observe and understand the outcome of the task and all sub tasks — components of operations of the broader task. The completion of a task may be dependent on the completion of other operations. List each step that completes the task in progressive order.

Step 1: Identify the Task to Analyze

Task analysis defines each task in elaborate and singular steps, in a logical order, and breaks complicated tasks into easier steps. Also, development of the task steps depends on the skill set of the intended user.

For example, if the task analysis is part of the manual for a factory floor, the task analysis preparer must consider the skill and knowledge level of the worker when he divides the task into simpler steps. Define the entire process for each step — no matter how trivial. For example, if the operation involves opening the door, do not write "open the door and walk out.

Include observations that occur at the completion of each step.