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You can learn more about the newsletter here. Sign Up. Great article! These are sold off really cheaply at different times of the year. Reading speeds: Kindle or paperback? Thank you. Writing a western novel. Cody and Curley have had many adventurers.

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Riding through the mountains, hunting, camping, Indian fighting.. Found cabin in mountain, fix it up real nice.. Indians stole their horses, Cody tracked them down, killed them. Purchased a lot of supplies, meat. Now in cabin, winter is already there,,Snowed in.. How do I do elapsed time to spring????

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Sounds like an exciting one, too. That novel that takes four hours to read could take a year or more to write. You can put this in a spreadsheet or write it in your chapter plan. How do you handle that twenty-year gap?


You could: Separate the novel into two or more parts. A new part is a good clue to the reader that a major change has taken place — and this often includes a significant jump in time.

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  7. Start a new chapter. This also helps clue the reader in, though on its own, it may not be enough.

    Give an explicit time reference. This can be beneath the chapter or part header, or it could be in the first sentence.

    Time travel in fiction: why authors return to it time and time again | Science | The Guardian

    Dealing with Small Jumps in Time Almost every novel is going to involve small jumps in time — perhaps from one day to the next, or from morning to evening. Give us a montage of events. Weiland: Chapter Two ends: Hitch stayed where he was and looked up at the moon. Chapter Three begins: Walter liked the early mornings, especially in the summer — with the full moon still hovering near the horizon, on its way to setting. Paftoo feels such relief. He is looking forward to night. Lakin, Live Write Thrive C. Newsletter The Aliventures newsletter includes a short article on writing, and comes to your inbox every week.

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    Asma Ferdoes on February 26, at am. Read Now. From the Metaverse to the Oasis, this is another tale that focuses on a virtual landscape and a world-spanning MMO where the winner gets to rule the virtual world. In addition to being about a game itself, Ernst Cline jams in references to endless real-world video games from bygone eras as a part of the larger whole of his puzzles.

    The ending is one of the most famous in science fiction history and has stood the test of time as a must-read. Now an extremely good Netflix series, Richard K. It features some of the best action of any book mentioned here. She now just has a single, fragile body and must survive a strange new existence. This Hugo-award winning book is a must-read space opera. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet.