Manual USS Hornet / (CV8) Aircraft Carrier

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The following link provides visual assets, materials and video interviews, including:. The late Paul G. Allen , Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, had a passion for exploring the frontiers of technology and human knowledge.

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His team continues his work to save endangered species; combat climate change; improve ocean health; share art, history and film; develop new technology; tackle epidemics; research how the human brain works; and build sustainable communities. Paul was deeply committed to honoring our past and the lessons it provides to our future.

Honoring his father's service in World War II, Paul was especially interested in collecting and protecting the artifacts that speak to the heroism and service of that day. His Research Vessel Petrel provides a platform to perform research exploration and search for historic artifacts that have been lost at sea.

Naval Legends: Aircraft Carrier Hornet - World of Warships

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Wreck of WWII aircraft carrier USS Hornet discovered in the South Pacific

Business Technology. General Business. Consumer Technology. In-Language News. Allen The late Paul G. Feb 12, , ET. Beam: 83 ft.

Crew Finds USS Hornet in a Graveyard of WWII Ships

Flightdeck Width: ft. Draft: 22 ft Displacement: 20, tons Propulsion: Geared Turbines, 4 shafts, , shaft horsepower Speed: 34 kts. Mitscher Captain Charles P. Frank Knox, wife of the Secretary of the Navy. LTC James Doolittle made the decision to immediately launch all bombers at hours in gale force winds 45kt and 30 foot seas.

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  • Sunken aircraft carrier Hornet — best known for Doolittle Raid — located miles below the waves.
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Doolittle's raiders struck from Tokyo to Osaka incurring only superficial damage. But, the boost to American morale in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor was immeasurable. Japanese carrier-based planes were reported headed for Midway in the early morning.

Sunken aircraft carrier Hornet — best known for Doolittle Raid — located miles below the waves

They were met by overwhelming fighter opposition about 8 miles from three enemy carriers and followed all the way in to be shot down one by one. George H. Gay, USNR, the only surviving pilot, reached the surface as his plane sunk.