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Or, guests can just hang back and do casual sightseeing. Newly retired Dolores Biles along with her two sisters, Jewell Lewis and Martha Burchett, all of Louisville, were among the first to stay in the covered wagons last April. The sisters, who are big into country and horseback riding, were looking for something different for their twice-a-year sister weekend. It exceeded our expectations. My expectations were to be cramped, but we were not at all.

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Biles suggests you may want to be a little careful when changing clothes inside the lighted wagons if you are up against the canvas. Biles and her sisters, who stayed two nights in a Sheltowee Trace covered wagon, took day trips to Cumberland Falls, and visited antique and arts and crafts shops in town Corbin. At night they enjoyed sitting around the fire ring talking with each other, and with other guests the second night. It was really enjoyable.

In addition to covered wagons, Sheltowee Trace offers resort and rustic cabins, RV sites and tent camping. All trips run rain or shine. The trip that has seen the biggest increase in recent years, Egedi says, is the Rainbow Mist ride.

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Also for all ages is a two to two and half-hour lunch cruise on Lake Cumberland aboard the foot, double-decker Cumberland Star, which departs from the Laurel Lake boat ramp mid-May through October. Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort offers a variety of canoeing and kayaking trips, from one to four hours, on the Cumberland or Big South Fork rivers. After the battle, debris from the destroyed alien vessel impacts the moon and causes an eruption of material into space.

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However, before the survey ship can send their analysis of the material to Starfleet, they are destroyed by another unknown alien vessel. The captain, Avedon Shucorion, orders the ship to hide in the sensor interference of Gamma Night which they call "the Blind" to avoid detection, while assessing the situation. As he explains to his crew, the Kauld are setting up a base on the planet, the first time either species is expanding outside of their home system. However, Shucorion notices a sensor readout on the material ejected from the moon, which he repeatedly examines, before declaring himself chosen by destiny.

Immediately afterwards, the Kauld make contact with Shucorion's ship. Aboard the Pandora's Box, Kirk confronts Maidenshore about his presence in the fleet. When asked how he avoided jail time, Maidenshore states "they dropped the ball" before listing off Kirk's command responsibilities for the expedition. This leads to a flashback, set just prior the expedition setting off.

Kirk and Leonard McCoy are in a meeting with Federation Councilman Howard Tanner about the Belle Terre expedition, where Tanner explains that because the area has not been extensively scouted, the Federation Council would only allow the expedition to proceed if Kirk took command of the Enterprise and escorted them there with minimal Starfleet support vessels. After learning that Spock agreed to the mission, but only with Kirk in command, and that the Enterprise will be rotated back to known territory after being relieved by a ship assigned to protect the colonists, Kirk agrees to join the mission Meeting Spock outside the Federation Bureau building, Kirk, McCoy, and Spock discuss the expedition before discovering that Kirk's personal shuttle has been stolen - the third theft of his shuttles in two weeks.

Kirk intercepts a cargo ship full of stolen goods in Vulcan space, where he first encounters Billy Maidenshore and makes the mistake of mentioning the Belle Terre expedition. While Maidenshore arranges for his lawyers to handle the charges of theft and racketeering, and his lover of eight years slips into panic, he begins thinking of a way to fulfill his debt to Orion criminals.

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Back in the present, aboard the Enterprise, Kirk and the bridge crew discuss Maidenshore's presence and whether or not they are justified in monitoring his activities. Governor Pardonnet comes to the bridge, where he and Kirk have a discussion about the chain of command and the goals of the Belle Terre colonists.

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While Pardonnet monologues and the bridge crew explains the hazards of Gamma Night, the Enterprise maneuvers to aid the Mandrake Anachronae, a ship full of historical reenactors that was caught in a gravity well. After allowing Pardonnet to feel like he won a concession from Kirk before departing, the bridge crew generally voices negative opinions about the governor, to which Kirk replies "I like him.

Later, Kirk, Spock, and Montgomery Scott are aboard the coroner ship Twilight Sentinel, where a funeral for the latest casualty of the disease is occurring. Conversing with Spock and Scott, Kirk marvels at the number of acquaintances from the five year mission are among the expedition, as well as admits he is grateful that his old bridge crew joined him for the mission. Upon receiving word from Sulu that there is a riot over medication for the lung flu outbreak on one of the colony ships, Kirk returns to the Enterprise.

Aboard the Yukon, Commander Uhura and Dr. McCoy encounter Michael Kilvennan, who beamed aboard when the shields were lowered to accept extra security personnel.

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After being informed that he is stuck on the Yukon due to the quarantine, Kilvennan learns that the medicine supply has been contaminated and that samples of the medication are being confiscated so that it can be used as a base for synthesizing more. When Kilvennan's brother and one of his friends attack the guards, Kilvennan notes their odd behavior and their insistence on turning back, which he points out to McCoy.

Allowed to go see his family, Kilvennan discovers his wife acting erratically and Billy Maidenshore dispensing stolen medication. Preparing the crew to flee, Shucorion makes contact with Vellyngaith, who tells him he wishes to make a truce, then requests to come aboard Shucorion's vessel. After consulting with his crew, Shucorion allows Vellyngaith to board his ship, with both parties bringing fully armed and armored escorts. Vellyngaith proposes an alliance to Shucorion directly, due to him being a risk taker among the Blood, to counter the coming Federation colonization force.

After discerning that Vellyngaith does not know about the material in the moon, Shucorion agrees to allow Vellyngaith and his party return to their ship, while Vellyngaith promises to allow Shucorion's vessel to leave the system, even if he does not agree to bring the truce agreement to the Blood leadership. Deciding not to tell Blood Core Command about the truce to provide them with plausible deniability, Shucorion plans to expedite the plan to build the Kauld base on Belle Terre, stating that the planet is doomed.

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  4. On the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy discuss the current issues with the expedition, including the growing sentiment to turn back, supply shortages, and the trustworthiness of the privateers the expedition hired to protect them. In the process, Kirk admits guilt over his legendary status absorbing the credit that should've gone to those who didn't survive their adventures, before ordering Chekov to begin covert surveillance of Billy Maidenshore and scans for energy signatures near the expedition convoy. Meanwhile, after having his quarters scanned for bugs and other threats, Maidenshore and his primary accomplice discuss their next move.

    Maidenshore needs at least two of the main personnel transports to turn back with minimal Starfleet escort, determining that if Kirk keeps interfering in his plans, the best way to accomplish that is to destroy one with all people aboard. Kirk has Captain Kilvennan brought aboard the Enterprise and meets him on the bridge, with Governor Pardonnet present.

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    After learning that the automated factory ship's phasers were modified by a third party, Kirk questions whether Kilvennan's mother set up the attack as a distraction for the theft of the lung flu medicine, right before McCoy brings Kilvennan's brother to the bridge. McCoy informs them all that the atmosphere aboard the transport was deliberately contaminated. There are outlets near the king and bunk beds for convenient phone charging. We provide a bundle of firewood for each night's rental.

    Additional bundles are available for purchase. If you are interested in a specific wagon let us know and we can give you the updated number.

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