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Then, for two weeks in May, it was ferried in 37 flights to Diego Garcia, a speck of British territory in the Indian Ocean where the U. On June 3, an American ship left the island for Montreal, said the official, who declined to give further details about the operation. Earlier this year, the military withdrew four devices for controlled radiation exposure from the former nuclear complex.

The lead-enclosed irradiation units, used to decontaminate food and other items, contain elements of high radioactivity that could potentially be used in a weapon, according to the official. Saddam's stockpile The yellowcake was the last major stockpile from Saddam's nuclear efforts, but years of final cleanup is ahead for Tuwaitha and other smaller sites. Last month, a team of Iraqi nuclear experts completed training in the Ukrainian ghost town of Pripyat, which once housed the Chernobyl workers before the deadly meltdown in , said an IAEA official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decontamination plan has not yet been publicly announced.

But the job ahead is enormous, complicated by digging out radioactive "hot zones" entombed in concrete during Saddam's rule, said the IAEA official.

A CIA officer, Valerie Plame, claimed her identity was leaked to journalists to retaliate against her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, who wrote that he had found no evidence to support assertions that Iraq tried to buy additional yellowcake from Niger. A federal investigation led to the conviction of I. Copyright The Associated Press.

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What Is Yellowcake, Anyway?

In the wake of disarming Iraq , some neo-Roman Italian spies uncovered some brilliant documents that showed how the evil Saddam Hussein tried to buy yellowcake from Niger. The only problem with these documents was that - you guessed it - they were forged. Be sure to check out the greatest listing ever on Amazon. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search.

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What is yellowcake, anyway?

Climate Feedback. Ocean Acidification. Rising Sea Level. June 29, Yellowcake [Online]. Lamarsh, Anthony J.

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