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Wine Champagne Prosecco. Gift size. View all Prosecco gifts Or filter by Gift size. View all Champagne gifts Or filter by Gift size. Spirit gifts. View all Advent Calendars. View all accessories. Gift e-cards. View Gift e-Cards. View all wine gifts Or filter by Wine type Gift size Occasions. View all prosecco gifts Or filter by Gift size. Live events home. About our tastings. Find an event. My Account. Your basket is empty. View all spirits Or filter by Type Brand. Dictador Months Aged Orange Rum. Quality rum given sweetness by ageing in old Bourbon casks and then macerated on fresh Colombian orange peel An excellent one to have on your top shelf at home to give those rum cocktails a fresh citrus lift Suitable all year round with refreshing citrus notes for summer but a lovely spice for a warm punch in mid-winter.

ABV: Category: Rum. Country: Colombia. Style: Spiced Rum. Brand: Dictador. Flavours: Orange. Country of origin: Colombia. Select stars below to start leaving your rating. Write an optional review Showing 1 to 0 of 0. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Dictador 20 Year Old is made from virgin sugar cane honey and is distilled in a combination of coppe.. A richly flavoured rum from Colombia. The XO Insolent is aged for a long time in a solera system and..

  • Months: The End of All Things by Johnny Hicklenton.
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A very fine rum that is mad from virgin sugar can juice and distilled in a copper pot still. The spi.. This is part the the Dictador months range which is comprised of a series of differently styled.. The art is brutal beyond belief and you can pretty much expect to be upset each time you turn the page, but the images are also extremely visually arresting.

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I wouldn't call them beautiful, but I definitely experienced pleasure looking at them along with horror and some nausea. The absurd writing had a visceral effect on me too. Normally, I'd just call it bad and move on, but in this, it actually worked for me as part of the book's bizarre, hallucinatory feel and it nicely echoes the more hardcore Biblical prophesies, William Blake, et al. When I put it down, I felt like I'd just been through someone else's nightmare - someone else with an incredibly powerful imagination and some brutal, impressive talent.

I couldn't stop thinking about it for a while. Mar 03, Mandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. The artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely incredible.

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For good reason, though. Absolutely stunning. It was a little hard to read the handwritten words at times, even with my kindle for PC screen as wide as I could make it, but I was so hooked, I didn't mind having to spend longer looking at each of the images. The author's story is very compe The artwork in this graphic novel is absolutely incredible. The author's story is very compelling as well and I'll definitely be looking into the documentary about him. I had never heard of him before and only stumbled across this book on my library's ereading app.

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I understand why some wouldn't be interested in a book like this, but it got me. Oct 28, Dane Cobain rated it really liked it. John Hicklenton, the author of this piece of work, went on to take his own life at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich. May 07, Twan rated it did not like it Shelves: comics. Looked and read like the inlay booklet for a bad 's black metal band.

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Jul 05, Keith rated it liked it Shelves: z-library , graphic , christianity , zl-oak-main. Dark, brutal, and grotesque, as I suppose befits the final work of a tortured horror artist immediately before taking his own life. Extraordinarily dynamic imagery, though not exactly entertaining. Apr 15, Morgan Golias rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novel , horror. The only thing I really liked about this novel was the illustration style, I didn't like all the illustrations, mind you, but the style is interesting and gives the piece great movement.

I also liked the choice to use a limited color palette. However, I didn't like the choice to not show the main character's face almost at all. It makes it difficult to connect with her as a character. I also didn't like her clothing or whatever. Either go fully nude or give her some actual clothes, I hate the we The only thing I really liked about this novel was the illustration style, I didn't like all the illustrations, mind you, but the style is interesting and gives the piece great movement. Either go fully nude or give her some actual clothes, I hate the weird in-between that her dress is.

Always shifting and showing butt or side boob. For seemingly no reason. Perhaps just to sound pompous? The actual story and words would have enough impact on their own. Aug 25, Quinn rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Both stunning and grotesque, this graphic novel is intensely visual, while also being minimalist in presentation.

The message in the text is straightforward and flows between feeling like a direct dialogue with the reader and a dialogue within the text itself.

It's a fast read, but it lingers with you. Disturbing, beautiful, hopeful, and an honest expression of a feeling I think many people feel, I think it's well worth the read.

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Jul 18, Stefantheviking rated it it was amazing. Finished this only a few minutes after getting home from the library! While it is short, with minimal text the art is breathtaking. The story itself, is dark and beautifully stark. A wonderful and brutal story of the endtimes. Apr 27, Z rated it did not like it.

While his personal story is tragic Feb 19, Miss Ryoko rated it liked it Shelves: library-book , graphic-novel , adult. I really have no idea what I just read. What I can tell you is it was beautifully written and illustrated with gore, violence, and a high quality creep factor. I really don't know if I understood what the story was about I was understanding it was about the destructions of humans for destroying the world , but for some reason, I understood Mara's anger.

There was one thing that did really bother me, and this is probably nit-picky And often times it was on one page she had the wrappings on her hands and feet, but then on the very next page, she didn't. I wish it would have been more cohesive all the way through.

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So righteous. Oct 13, Andrew Pixton rated it it was amazing Shelves: activism-politics , spiritual , favorites , horror , comic-books. Using gorgeous artwork, this serves as an excellent metaphor of global warming. While the scenes depicted are probably more horrifying than even the worst case scenarios of GW, it's still a vivid picture of the greed, gluttony, and sloth that contribute to environmental destruction in general and global warming specifically. It's really more of a spiritual vindiction of global warming than science or pol "Fear me, all who obey the coin.

It's really more of a spiritual vindiction of global warming than science or policy and even references the Bible frequently as part of the overall metaphor. It's not an argument, it's an allegorical call to repentance for rampant and wasteful materialism. One that we all need. Favorite quote: "Be silent, fucker. Jan 06, Brenton rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics-graphic-novels , horror. This was a fascinating one.