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The new initiative is headed by Elizabeth Mathieu, Natasha Pearl and Philip Strassler, who between them have over 60 years of experience in the family wealth and single family office sphere. Ottinger said: "There is nothing more important than the human talent selection made by SFO principals who are entrusted with these crucial decisions.

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The sons quarreled and with their own supporters divided into camps. Instead of love of others they found hatred.

And none found the door to wealth, for they were too busy arguing about the beauty and authenticity of their rings. But it could open the door only to him who possessed a certain frame of mind. A seeker of wealth had to view the ring with indifference and refrain from grasping at wealth or quarreling over it.

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The others found that when they had this attitude, they could find the door merely by tracing the outline of the ring. The authors then go on to describe the significance of this story as follows:. Wealth inspires thoughts of legacy, such as an inheritance, which is what the ring symbolizes. But a legacy is not only monetary in nature; it encompasses values and even a way of life….

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While wealth can instruct and inspire union and, in the tale, family happiness, it can also incite discord. Because we are human, ownership of riches can generate claims of privilege, prestige, and power that are at odds with love, as shown by the father with three sons. He wants to take care of his family, but he tries to improvise a solution to his dilemma without making a decision. Chaos ensues. And the sons show that while beauty here, that of the ring can elevate us, it can also make us put appearances before reality….

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True wealth, they learn, depends not on things but on our attitudes toward things, on a stance and not on stuff, inspiration rather than inheritance. You want to safeguard your money, help others, and do the best for your children-without ruining their motivation to make their own way in the world. But ultimately, you want your contributions to matter.

Beyond Success is the first thorough guide that assists individuals with the achievement of a meaningful and lasting financial, philanthropic, and generational family legacy. As a financial and philanthropic expert, Randall Ottinger combines his personal experiences in both fields with extensive research that draws on insights from hundreds of legacy leaders such as Bill Gates Sr.

Building a Personal, Financial, and Philanthropic Legacy