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In contrast to the Fabre or Bechgaard salts universal phase diagrams for all the ET-based salts have only been proposed yet.

Metal-Insulator Transition of Peierls Type in Quasi-One-Dimensional Crystals of TTT2I3

In addition to the superconducting ground state these materials show charge-order , antiferromagnetism or remain metallic down to lowest temperatures. One compound is even predicted to be a spin liquid.

The Facinating Quantum World of Two-dimensional Materials

The following table restricts to only a few exemplary superconductors of this class. For more superconductors see ref 1. Superconducting fullerenes based on C 60 are fairly different from other organic superconductors.

Organic superconductor

The building molecules are no longer manipulated hydrocarbons but pure carbon molecules. In addition these molecules are no longer flat but bulky which gives rise to a three-dimensional, isotropic superconductor. The pure C 60 grows in a fcc-lattice and is an insulator. By placing alkali atoms in the interstitials the crystal becomes metallic and eventually superconducting at low temperatures. Unfortunately C 60 crystals are not stable at ambient atmosphere. They are grown and investigated in closed capsules, limiting the measurement techniques possible.

Under pressure this compound shows a unique behavior. Usually the highest T C is achieved with the lowest pressure necessary to drive the transition.

Publication details

Further increase of the pressure usually reduces the transition temperature. However, in Cs 3 C 60 superconductivity sets in at very low pressures of several bar, and the transition temperature keeps increasing with increasing pressure. This indicates a completely different mechanism then just broadening of the bandwidth. Next to the three major classes of organic superconductors SCs there are more organic systems becoming superconducting at low temperatures or under pressure.

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