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You build from those classes. So, I learned pretty quickly that I still need to do the dosage calculations myself to ensure it's correct. The technology isn't there to speed us up, the technology is there to put create another level of safety. It seems to me that level of safety is diminished if I use it to replace my double checking it instead of in addition to my checking it.

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As far as access to the internet. It's available, but I generally don't think I'd have time to "look something up" while on the floor. But, if I really didn't know and needed that info to proceed drug info, procedure info, etc than I would before interacting with the patient. As a student, there's often lots I don't know yet, so I'll take a second and look stuff up on that.

Much quicker than finding a computer to get to the internet. Ok, just to help you out a little.

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I hate math and Chem as well I took college algebra and got a B by the grace of God and I took Chem and got a C thanks to lab or I would have flunked big time. I am here to tell you it is all good, nursing maththis is my 2nd semester in nursing school and in Pharm they teach you nursing math. And when I learned it I just laughed, it is as basic as anything. It is really easy once you remember the formula, just rember it is the only one you have to remember.

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One thing to never forget and that is to always lable your math eaither ml, tab, gtt and so forth. The only thing chem is good for is teaching you how to convert measurments. Its not like you are making the drug as a nurse and if you really want to know the Chem name for the drug it will be in the Drug man. Don't worry you will be fine. If you have anymore Q don't hesitate to ask I love helping other students feel at ease. D ose ordered x V olume. The advantage of dimensional analysis Though I did not post the original message, this posting has really put things into perspective for me. Thanks for everyone's response, especially nurse12b.


After reading your post, I feel like I can do this and be great at it! Though I have also done well in Algebra and Chemistry and understand they are part of the foundation for nursing fundamentals, I wonder how relative they really are for everyday nursing. From experience I have learned that when you don't use a skill you lose it. For instance about 20 years ago, I took pre-nursing classes and learned to manually take a blood pressure, then the electronic cuff came out and became standard for use.

Eventually I left health care.

Today, as I prepare for nursing school, I recall all the things I learned so many years ago and I realize that many things I will have to relearn, i. It is also interesting to see how computers may be impacting nursing and how they are perceived by users.

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Usually automation is put in place to reduce errors but sounds like it cannot be primarily relied upon. No you cannot depend on the technology. What if you have computer downtime? That's when whatever programs you normally use go down for whatever reason. Will you be unable to work? While it's true that automatic BP machines are widely available While it's true you'll have to "learn" it again, I think you'll find it's more of a refresher and that it comes to you much faster this time.

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There are still people putting the information in the computers, the computer isn't making the error The technology does make it easier for me to not make an error ie right drug, wrong patient, etc. Nursing Student Assistance. World Marketplace Leaders. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google.

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