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Now picture the soccer ball as the earth.

Nanotechnology Introduction

The C60 buckyball is as small as your soccer ball is to the earth. Pretty hard to imagine, huh? The best part is, the buckyball is the most versatile nanomaterial on earth. What does that mean exactly?

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Well, the word versatile means changeable for many uses, and the word nano means dwarf. If you add nano to the word "science" to make the word nanoscience, you are referring to scientific knowledge based on the smallest scale now known to man. And if you add nano to the word technology, which means applying scientific knowledge to make things, you get nanotechnology, or the making of things on an incredibly small scale.

Because nanoscience is so new and nanotechnology is becoming important to the future, people are studing these small parts of matter, called nanoparticles to find out what they look like and what they can be useful for.

Introduction to nanotechnology and its applications to medicine.

Scientists believe that some nanomaterials, are capable of being hundreds of times stronger than steel. Other scientists think that this same strong material will be able to make electronic circuits much, much smaller than the ones used in your computer today. They saw a soccer ball shaped molecule made up of 60 carbon atoms. Carbon is the second most common element found on earth.

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An Introduction to Nanotechnology and Significant Figures

Overview Related Courses Reviews. Overview Nanotechnology is one the most powerful engines of innovation, developing breakthrough solutions to long-standing, real-world problems every day.


This course provides an eye-opening survey of this exciting, cutting-edge science and its applications. Taught by Marco Curreli.

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