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Even going steady in the 50s, now understood by many to be the most wholesome thing two teens could do, was decried for encouraging youngsters to settle down too soon it did increase premarital sex. Weigel questions and argues with many of her sources, but in some instances she is not critical enough.

Labor of Love by Moira Weigel review – how dating has changed

This is like saying no one with access to a dating app was ever gutted because they could always just go out with someone else. The books ends, after a final chapter that excoriates dating manuals that teach women to ignore their instincts, with the news that, in the course of writing this book, Weigel herself got married, lest anyone fear they have been learning about dating from a single woman. She makes an entirely convincing case that there never was and never will be one static way of dating.

But as we approach the present, Weigel is hesitant to leave behind her sources and authoritatively identify our new moment, in which online dating has been almost entirely destigmatised.

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She writes about various aspects of online dating — from the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison to assembling online profiles, to the friend who filtered girls on a dating site based on an interest in Alice Munro — but she is hesitant to state clearly how online dating fits into her scheme. Whatever comes next, she is likely to have concerns that it, like all the previous manifestations of dating, will be a barrier to real emotional connection instead of a conduit to it. Dating teaches women to make themselves desirable, rather than how to desire.

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