Guide Maya Diaspora: Guatemalan Roots, New American Lives

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Chicago: University of Chicago, Hall, Patricia K. Cultural Survival Inc, Harrell, William C. Hendrickson, Carol. Austin: University of Texas Press, c, pp. Madigan, Suzy. Independent Digital News and Media, 13 Oct. Suplemento : New York, Verso, Mitchell, Ray. Miller, Talea. PBS Newsweek. March 7, March Montejo , Victor D. Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village. Translated by Victor Perera. Curbstone Press, Autobiografia di una guerriglia; Guatemala Milano: Feltrinelli , Paris: Francois Maspero , Where the Campesinos Are Consultants. Moreno Ruiz, Luisa Fernanda.

Living Across Borders: Guatemala Maya Immigrants in the US South | Southern Spaces

Lieten , pp. Krohn-Hansen, Christian, and Knut G. State Formation: Anthropological Perspectives.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan: Pluto P, This book features a range of ethnographies and case studies written by anthropologists. All of the works examine how state structures are perceived and composed at all levels of society. Loukey, James and Marilyn M. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Temple University Press, Presents the background of the situation that led many Guatemalans, especially Mayans, to flee their country to Mexico, the US and Canada. Covers the history of violence in Guatemala in relation to the Mayan people and their exile from the country. Also covers resettlement issues and identity issues that confront modern day Guatemala.

Manz, Beatriz. Albany: State University of New York, Presents the reasons for massive relocation in Guatemala by showing the background and then the consequences. Also gives maps, letter and laws to explain the situation further and give a fist hand account. May, Rachel A. Covers violence in Guatemala and the migration caused by these conflicts. Focuses mostly on political and economic perspectives in Guatemala and less on personal accounts or stories. Migration Policy Institute. Migration Information Source.

This site discussed immigration to the United States from Guatemala and helped explain why numbers of refugees may not represent the full effect of emigration from Guatemala. We obtained valuable information about immigration from Guatemala to the United States, which helped us understand the situation of Guatemalan refugees, asylees, legal and illegal immigrants. Minnesota Department Of Health. This was a cumulative list of the refugee arrivals to Minnesota since It showed us that only three refugees from Guatemala have been documented by the Minnesota Department of Health since Riley, Michael.

Covers the reasons why thousands of Guatemalan refugees are afraid of returning to Guatemala. Sieder, Rachel. Relates a brief history of the conflict in Guatemala between and Goes into greater detail regarding official truth-telling of human rights violations in Guatemala. Smith, Carol A. Guatemalan Indians and the State : Austin, Texas: University of Texas P, Presents the background of Guatemalan natives and their history as persecuted people.

University Of Minnesota,. Latino Community.

Living Across Borders: Guatemala Maya Immigrants in the US South

The process of forced assimilation leads to Mayans forming more exclusive migrant communities on U. S Soil. The cultural transition is far too complicated to make for some migrants. Another problem facing Mayan Americans is distinction and categorization. Mayan dialect is different from regular Spanish and this leads to more problems in schools, work, and recreational life for Mayan Americans. Some speak Spanish and others speak Mam , [11] Yucatec , Kekchi, or another language. Processing of their immigration papers is more difficult due to the specificity of their cultural distinction.

Due to being a racial minority, The masses in the United States group Mayans with other Latin Americans rather than with their own ethnic groups. Identity issues for Mayan Americans have always been a barrier for Ethnic Mayans. Relatively, Guatemalans immigrants are not dominant in fleeing refugees and labored migrants so their identity in America is unknown to other racial groups and ethnicities. The village and family structures are still prevalent among Mayans in the United States.

This sometimes proves to be problematic in Mayan communities and especially in the workplace. These hierarchal systems put in place are oftentimes challenged by the workplace due to the fact that the tasks are distributed by private ownership rather than communal ownership. Outside of their communities, we see a big sphere of influence in places where Mayans sought refuge. In the s, The theater was deemed a historical monument. Mayan culture is still being used for financial gain in many other areas.

The Maya Lagoon is a lucrative night club located in Houston. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Guatemalan Civil War.

Maya Diaspora: Guatemalan Roots, New American Lives

Retrieved Wilson, Charles Reagan. Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

Living the Language - Guatemala: The Maya

First ed. Ritual, identity, and the Mayan diaspora. New York: Garland Pub. Loucky, James. Philadelphia: Temple University Press. Greaves, Thomas C.