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Kalu Rinpoche Dharma Talk "Tantra practice without Preliminaries??" July 2015

Today you must select the terma keys you would like to take from among these treasures. She told him to take another one, and he took a red key made of ruby.

Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal

The lady took a white key made of silver. When they returned, Yeshe Tsogyal smiled and looked at Guru Padmasambhava and said, "Our son chose the right keys! What is their purpose? These three keys symbolize the three kayas of the ultimate nature. If you had chosen the yellow key, you would have become very wealthy and powerful as a universal king , but you would have had many obstacles and distractions.

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If you had chosen the green key, it would have benefited yourself, but not others. Therefore, the keys you have chosen are good. Please keep them well protected. He had been wearing multicolored thread on his ring finger, and he untied the thread and wrapped it around the three rolled papers that he received so that he could wear the three rolled papers on his ring finger. Then Guru Padmasambhava said, "Son, near the right side of the glacier mountain of Jowo Zegyal there is a mountain called Ahmye Mutri , where you will see a rock that looks as though it is jumping up in the sky.

In that rocky place, you will find special instructions about that ruby key that you took, which you must reveal before the fifteenth day of this month. As the warning suggests, the book seems to assume that you have some access to a teacher.

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Even with the glossaries in Tibetan and English, I felt more like a translator than a reader. Some definitions were vague. That I could have figured out from the context.

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  6. I was trying to figure out if it was a person specifically or if it could be a book. Other terms have two meanings, such as padma, which means both lotus and wisdom. The book begins with a prayer, because just reading it is a practice. The prayer is followed by instruction on how to use the book. Roughly half of it is taken up by the practice text.

    This text is given in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and English. The Vakrakilaya practice is structured much the same as any other ritual, with drawing boundaries of protection, blessings of offerings, the main visualization, and mantra recitation. May 13, Elevate Difference rated it it was amazing. Nov 08, Eric rated it it was amazing.

    Nyingtik: The wrathful deity Vajrakilaya

    Seems that everything the Khenpo brothers write on Buddhism just oozes magic and inspiration. I find this book so illuminating that I usually only last half a page before I have to put it down and have an experience. Recently ordered a book online. It arrived quickly in perfect condition as it was well packed, plus it was really well printed.

    Happy with…. I used the online service and the book came to the UK well within the given estimated delivery times. Very friendly and helpful. Very good collections about Buddhism, Tibetan - Himalayan study, published many books. I ordered some books to be shipped to the US for an upcoming trip.

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    Communication and shipping was excellent and the ten books arrived…. Vajra Books has a wide selection of books on Nepal and South Asia, including many of the latest academic publications.

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