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Red, green and yellow: everything was once upon a time

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Translated from the French Le Vert et Le Rouge , The Green and the Red is at once a romantic comedy and a comedy of errors—two people from different worlds coming together in a small French town immersed in the culture of food. Those who keep doing it will no longer be able to rely on tradition and custom—they will have to devise a good justification for what other fellow citizens regard with horror.

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A chapter in the book highlights Maclean's links with Irish revolutionaries on Clydeside, and the practical assistance he gave to the cause of Irish freedom. It is a must read. This is a most interesting portrait of John Maclean, I haven't finished reading it yet, but so far I find the book a compelling read. A thoroughly accessible, informative and enjoyable book.

Red Flags/Green Lights: A guide to identifying and solving return-to-work problems

I liked the informal prose, and the immediacy it gave, but equally the occasional questioning of the writer. Highly recommended. Playing with fire never tasted so good!

The Red Green Show Ep 278 "A Shot in the Dark" (2004 Season)

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The Luas network consists of two separate lines, the Red Line and the Green Line.

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