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The sidhe can approach humanity through their embodiment in the elemental beings.

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  • The Shaping of a Life: A Spiritual Landscape.
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Elemental beings are capable of offering to sidhe a subtle form of body, while human beings already have their own elemental body-self by being incarnated within the world of matter. As a result elemental beings can function as a bridge between the two evolutions so that they would be able to cooperate in a practical mode. This cosmogram shows elemental being connecting the human creative hand left and the Sidhe hand at the right side. The purpose of cosmogram 3 is to support creation of an energy field that would enable the collaboration of human beings in this case Findhorn ecovillage and the sidhe community based at Cluny hills.

The mandorla [almond-shaped] form stands for the sidhe community while the star for the human family. Their intertwining creates a proper vibration to support the evolution of the field of cooperation. The central garden area, where the cosmogram-ed stones will go, lies adjacent to the original garden.

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  • The Shaping of a Life: A Spiritual Landscape.

Five guest bungalows at its edge help define it as an area. Groups of community members have been meditating in this space.

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The land seems ideally prepared to receive the stones. In the centre of the space there is a small pond surrounded by trees and plants, with a small path going to the middle of it. We will place the stones in the middle of this little wild patch, leaving an empty space in the middle for people to meditate in. It will create a blend of elements made by nature, people and subtle beings the cosmograms. The central garden area with the location of the new cosmogram stones. We have already begun designing five new guest houses, collaborating with architect Tom Raymont and our subtle allies.

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For more, see his website. The Lorian Association also frequently offers sidhe-related classes, as well as some of the most innovative and accessible spiritual teaching in the world on other subjects. I highly recommend their work. Author Thomas Miller is working in fundraising for the Findhorn Foundation. He is a student of co-creation with Nature and the unseen realms. Eight months after his last deployment to Afghanistan as a special warfare sergeant, he found himself in Findhorn Foundation Experience Week. There he heard a call to stay at Findhorn, leading to him co-leading the Co-Creative Spirituality conference and, currently, fundraising to manifest new guest houses.

He is profoundly grateful to be here. Here is the story. A view of where we will plant the stones.

'Shaping Holy Lives', a Conference on Benedictine Spirituality

Interview: The Sidhe, with Jeremy Berg. Living in Community Guest Programme. Marya Grathwohl, a Sister of St. I ask them to think about things that started out very small and eventually became huge.

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Like the universe. Muscular young men laden with tattoos nod slowly. Some grimace.

I engage them in telling the miraculous story of the expanding universe. Can you help me share this story with my daughter? She could use some hope. The spiritual landscape is becoming permeable and porous once again. Where Catholicism and ecology meet, a new culture is being invented. New possibilities for spiritual pilgrimage open up. This emerging spirituality of hope, relationship and connection with the Earth is truly one that will enlarge and open new vistas. We have the means to destroy the life-support systems of the planet and thus we may not make it into adulthood.

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