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Last week Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. Cal Jillson, a Southern Methodist University political science professor and expert on presidential politics, said Castro was on the cutting edge when, as mayor, he pushed for investment in pre-K. As a candidate, he could leverage this to push for early education policies.

Download PDF Changes For Julian: Julian Goes to Pre-school

As it stands now, the country is making very slow progress on pre-K education, according to early education expert W. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified pre-K and other early childhood education programs as impacting and improving child and adult health, such as reducing obesity and fostering motor skill development, the report said. But less than one quarter of 4-year-olds and a small percentage of 3-year-olds have access to high quality pre-K.

High quality is defined by benchmarks set by the NIEER, including teacher education levels, learning goals, class size and health screenings.

Fighting for what’s right for Julian: How I got the right school placement for my son with autism

The Learning Policy Institute, an education policy research group, recently released a study on preschool education , including reviews of evaluations on 21 large-scale public preschool programs. For many cities though, the cost to implement high quality pre-K is what makes them hesitate.

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Some critics question the value of the expense if children go on from high-quality pre-K to subpar schools. They also acknowledge that early education is only a part of the education reform needed. But it's not far-fetched to think universal pre-K could eventually emerge from the community and city systems like PreK 4 SA, Barnett said.

It's how the nation got high school, he said. The role the federal government plays in preschool is mostly in programs such as Head Start, which are restricted to low-income families, and in some education funding. Trust me to take you inside, back to the real you, as we go on a transformational, inspirational and fun journey together.

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Can Julián Castro make education his issue in the crowded 2020 presidential field?

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Anxiety, on behalf of all who you help, I want to thank you. Thank you for being there with us and for us. We are ready to hear you out. Expect This List To Change. A successful campaign will allow current events to dictate the topics of the day. Even audience reaction can make a campaign shuffle the deck. The former U. From Texas Standard:.

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Former Olympic gold medalist and transgender activist, Caitlyn Jenner, is flirting with the idea of running for the U. So is metal-rapper Kid Rock, though his campaign website seems mostly geared toward selling trucker caps and T-shirts. Listen Live.

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Share Tweet Email. Julian Castro announces that he's running for president at an event in San Antonio on Saturday.

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  • Universal pre-K is at the center of Julián Castro’s education plan.
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