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Ideally, the human systems that make up the technical metabolism are powered by the energy of the sun. While product development within this framework is not the same as life cycle assessment LCA , "life cycle thinking" serves as an important structure for scientific inquiry and informs the process of cradle-to-cradle product design. Toward a C2C World Designs that celebrate this diverse range of concerns bring about a process of industrial re-evolution.

Our products and processes can be most deeply effective when they resonate with the living world. Inventive machines that use the mechanisms of nature instead of harsh chemicals, concrete, or steel are a step in the right direction, but they are still machines — still a way of using technology to harness nature to human purpose.

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New technologies do not themselves create industrial revolutions. Unless we change their context, they are simply hyper-efficient engines driving the steamship of the first Industrial Revolution to new extremes.

Natural systems take from the environment but they also give something back. The cherry tree drops its blossoms and leaves while it cycles water and makes oxygen; the ant community redistributes nutrients through the soil. We can follow their cue to create a more inspiring engagement — a partnership — with nature. We can create fabrics that feed the soil, giving us pleasure as garments and as sources of nourishment for our gardens.

We can build factories that inspire their inhabitants with sunlit spaces, fresh air, views of the outdoors, and cultural delights; factories which also create habitat and produce goods and services that re-circulate technical materials instead of dumping, burning, or burying them. We can tap into natural flows of energy and nutrients, designing astonishingly productive systems that create oxygen, accrue energy, filter water, and provide healthy habitats for people and other living things.

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Imagining a waste-free cleaning product industry is getting closer to reality. MBDC is pleased to have recently provided two Material Health Assessments for Blueland, a company that launched today with household products that aim to eliminate the need for single-use In pursuit of The presentation is part of In-Cosmetics North America, an annual conference At p. CDT McDonough will The C2C concept ignores the use phase of a product. For many goods e. For example, the more lightweight a car or a plane the less fuel it consumes and consequently the less impact it has.

Braungart fully ignores the use phase. It is safe to say that every production step or resource-transformation step needs a certain amount of energy.

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Hendriks, J. Brezet; Allocation in recycle systems: an integrated model for the analyses of environmental impact and economic value , Int.

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