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Higher education crossing borders: a framework and overview of new developments and issues. Chapman Eds. International education hubs. Understanding education hubs within the context of cross-border education international education hubs: student, talent, knowledge innovation.

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Dordrecht: Springer. Koda, Y.

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  • Japan: JICA. Lane, J. Global expansion of international branch campuses: managerial and leadership challenges. Kinser Eds.

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    Internationalisation of the curriculum: teaching and learning.

    Crossing Borders in East Asian Higher Education (CERC Studies in Comparative Education)

    Ryan Eds. Oxen: Routledge. Using formal and informal curricular to improve interactions between home and international students. Journal of Studies in International Education , 13 2 , — Comparing internationalisation of the curriculum in action across disciplines: theoretical and practical perspectives. Marginson, S.

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    Cross-border post-secondary education in the Asia-Pacific region internationalisation and trade in higher education: opportunities and challenges. Paris: OECD.

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    McBurnie, G. The regulation of transnational higher education in Southeast Asia: case studies of Hong Kong, Malaysia and Australia. Higher Education, 42 , 85— Transnational education—issues and trends in offshore higher education. Mok, K. Regional cooperation or competition? The rise of transnational higher education and the emergence of regulatory regionalism in Asia. The rise of transnational higher education in Asia: student mobility and studying experiences in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Higher Education Policy , 25 , — Neubauer, D.

    Where Are The Asian Borders? (part 1)

    At the same time, there is a greater number of partnerships that link higher education systems in the East Asian region to one another. Even as boundaries become more porous and permeable, there is growing acceptance of the view that cross border collaboration, if done well, can offer mutually beneficial advantages on multiple levels. There is a new recognition that the intensified international sharing of ideas, strategies of learning, and students is not only of enormous value to systems and institutions but essential to their long term survival. To this end, the chapters in this volume examine various motivations, goals, mechanisms, outcomes and challenges associated with cross-border collaboration in higher education.

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    Educating China on the Move: A Typology of Contemporary Chinese Higher Education Mobilities

    Notes on the Authors. Du kanske gillar. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This book examines issues that have emerged as higher education systems and individual institutions across East Asia confront and adapt to the changing economic, social, and educational environments in which they now operate.