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Electronics For Dummies (3rd Edition)

The ins and outs of digital electronics Step-by-step instructions for constructing circuits Fun projects you can build quickly. About the Author Cathleen Shamieh is an electrical engineer and a high-tech writer with extensive engineering and consulting experience in the fields of medical electronics, speech processing, and telecommunications. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Here comes that familiar sting — fear. The complexity, the jargon, the math, the cost!

When I was a beginner, all 4 of these fears could of put me off from learning electronics and being where I am today. Let me throw some water on these 4 fires that may be causing you concern:.

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I built simple circuits to start with , and then chose more complicated ones with more components as I progressed at my own pace. Take your time!

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Jargon — every industry has its own terminology, and electronics is no different. I just had to learn a few main words to begin with, including: Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Capacitance — plus their respective units: Volts, Amps, Ohms, and Farads.

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You should do the same, and take your time — stop and look each one up as you encounter them, and your vocabulary will naturally grow. You should do the same, and take your time — stop and look each one up as you encounter them, and your vocabulary will naturally grow. Well you just calculated the resistor value to use in series with a red LED and a 9V battery. When I was starting out, I only needed a basic understanding of math to get by which included basic algebra for solving equations.

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Cost — many hobbies can be quite expensive and electronics is certainly one of them. How did I overcome those 4 barriers to become a capable electronics hobbyist by the age of about 12? Especially with the internet making so much more information easily available.

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My favourite magazines were instructional ones, geared towards experimental projects and usually in the field of digital electronics — my favourite field! By reading, studying, constructing and experimenting, I developed a solid understanding of electronics. This allowed me to progress onto designing and prototyping my own creations.