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For her, the endless question 'Can love conquer all? Be prepared for heartbreak—there is your warning. Instead of doing a normal review, I have picked out a few of the chapter headings to be my focus. Destiny is heartless. Fate unfolds brilliantly in this fourth installment of the Embrace series. I loved how Jessica brought in the smallest details from the first books and brought them together, culminating in a remarkable set-up for action, betrayal, and revelations.

Endless by Jessica Shirvington (The Violet Eden Chapters Bk4)

That being said, you just never know who is going to step out of the shadows and show themselves a traitor. And Phoenix, of course, the Exile that stole my heart even though I love Lincoln, too!

Endless (The Violet Eden Chapters, #4) by Jessica Shirvington

Oh what a tangled web we weave! I can never seem to figure out what is going to happen next with this series, and that is truly a remarkable thing. The climax of this book is amazing!!! It was morose and heart-breaking, but the scene that Jessica has portrayed is as vivid as any movie you will ever see.

Jessica Shirvington

More so, I love seeing how Violet comes into her powers, and believe me, she does strike like a thunderbolt. They are inseparable. Violet has very hostile feelings towards her mother and wants nothing to do with her. Violet had decided previously to reveal everything to her dad. The Academy — Josephine in particular — is coming down hard on the gang and has issued a summons for the group to come to New York to undergo tests and interrogations.

The Endless Shores

She has to keep her frustration in check as they investigate her origins while her own priority is to stop Lillith and her Exile minions. As for her and Lincoln, they try to keep their feelings for each other at bay but in Endless we see Lincoln letting loose just a little. They work hard at establishing a neutral ground that will allow them to co-exist without too much drama. Yeah, good luck with that!

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All in all, Endless is a terrific book and fans of the series will love it. It got me out of my annoying reading funk.

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The events in Endless are so monumental and life-altering. For some reason, I was under the impression that this was it for the series.

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