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The next four chapters deal with the design of FRP systems for the flexural and shear strengthening of reinforced concrete RC beams and the strengthening of RC columns. The following two chapters examine the strengthening of metallic and masonry structures with FRP composites.

The last four chapters of the book are devoted to practical considerations in the flexural strengthening of beams with unstressed and prestressed FRP plates, durability of externally bonded FRP composite systems, quality assurance and control, maintenance, repair, and case studies. With its distinguished editors and international team of contributors, Strengthening and rehabilitation of civil infrastructures using fibre-reinforced polymer FRP composites is a valuable reference guide for engineers, scientists and technical personnel in civil and structural engineering working on the rehabilitation and strengthening of the civil infrastructure.

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Eighth DOD/NASA/FAA Conference on Fibrous Composites in Structural Design, part 2

Search for books, journals or webpages All Pages Books Journals. View on ScienceDirect. Impact Resistance of Graphite and Hybrid Configurations. Dynamic Stability of Fibrous Composite Cylinders. Effects of Lightning and Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse on.

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Problems and Options in Advanced Composite Repair. Interlaminar Stress Gradients and Impact Damage. An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Edge. Serviceability of Composites Surface Damages. Sensitivity of Bonded and Bolted Joints in Composites. O0 Economic recession has had little effect to date upon the level of effort directed towards the development of fibre composites judging by the spread of papers and attendance at the Third International Conference on Composite Materials which was held in Paris during August of last year.

Some papers were presented and virtually all of them are contained within these two volumes. There was a wide spread of topics covered by the papers and as a result these two volumes give a reasonably well balanced view of the composites scene and they are therefore a useful reference for current developments. At a conference where papers are presented in parallel sessions one's overall view is clearly strongly influenced by the papers attended or perhaps I should say that one hoped to attend, since we still seem to have session chairmen who move papers forward when one is cancelled and it is possible to turn up to a different paper to that chosen.

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However the overall message of the conference seemed to be that optimism abounds for composites in aerospace and car industries and both are expected to become very large users by the later s. New generation commercial aircraft may well top the bill. Turning now to the various sessions all one can hope to do in a review of this kind is to comment on a few. It is interesting to see that the subject of composite integrity under stress and stress plus environment is commanding greater interest and that in the United States many of the design and analysis experts are now applying themselves to the prediction of delamination and cracking phenomena that occur prior to ultimate failure in composites.

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Furthermore, the number of papers on environmental ageing and corrosion aspects almost reached double figures. Apart from the above comments, the sessions on fatigue and fracture, mechanical and physical properties, design and analysis and testing indicate further progress in our general understanding of composites and make interesting reading for those who have interests in these areas. It is difficult to single out any particular papers for specific attention. Yet once again one is impressed by the overwhelming domination of the design and analysis field by American engineers and scientists.

The session on non-destructive testing and control of structures had several papers on the use of acoustic emission for assessing composite behaviour but I think the feeling still is that this technique has some way to go before it can be used simply, in evaluating the quality or mechanical degradation of laminates. Other sessions dealt with metal matrix composites, joints, aeronautical applications and there was a substantial session on fabrication techniques.

An area in which I felt there was a lack of papers, no doubt reflecting the difficulty of the problem, is in assessing the properties and behaviour of matrix materials particularly in polymer composites in which there is now considerable evidence that curing in the presence of fibres often markedly affects the properties achieved, compared with those obtained for bulk polymer material. I should also mention that there was a session on applications covering, for example, the use of GRP in pipes and even violins!

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Finally, mention should be made of the plenary papers contained in these volumes.