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Gender in 19th Century Britain

Of course, a long life and good health are essential ingredients for a successful post-premiership. General advances in medicine and public health help explain why the average age at death of eighteenth-century Prime Ministers was just 64, of nineteenth-century premiers 74, and by the twentieth century had risen to But seven British Prime Ministers died in office and a further nine died within two-and-a-half years of leaving Number Overall since the eighteenth century, the average age of all ex-Prime Ministers on leaving Number 10 was 61, the average age at death was so the average post-premiership or retirement has been 12 years long.

The House of Lords has provided many others with a platform, enabling them to air their views and contribute to political debate. Macmillan was the last former Prime Minister to accept a hereditary earldom, in , more than twenty years after leaving office. Historically, many former Prime Ministers were privately wealthy and able to retire to their country estates. But some former Prime Ministers had money troubles, both in and out of office. The majority of former Prime Ministers in the last hundred years have put pen to paper and most but not all of those have written memoirs and autobiographies.

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  6. A more recent development, which may indicate the beginning of a convergence with the US model for former Presidents, is for former Prime Ministers to set up their own foundations as a base and platform for continuing involvement with political and public issues. Comment by Alastair Meikle posted on on 10 May Did not Margaret Thatcher accept an hereditary Baronetcy, since inherited by her younger child and son, Mark?