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He has been compared favorably to Brueghel, demonized as a misogynist, defended by feminists, and portrayed as the subject ofCrumb, an award-winning documentary film. Having created such iconic characters as Mr.

Interview with Art Spiegelman: In the movie "R. Crumb," which focuses on cartoonist Robert Crumb,

Natural, Fritz the Cat, and even himself as part of his cartoon universe, R. Crumb b. Crumb: Conversations collects interviews that span the late s to the beginning of the twenty-first century. In these Crumb proves to be iconoclastic, opinionated, and--despite his celebrity--impervious to the commercial moods of the public.

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Crumb appears alternately as neurotic, witty, acerbic, gentlemanly, cruel, verbose, and reticent. His persona in comics form as an unattractive, continually nervous, lecherous, obsessive man is both confirmed and challenged by the person who emerges from these interviews. Gathered here are interviews and profiles that extend over the various periods and events in his life and work, including his early days as a countercultural figure in San Francisco, his verging on a nervous breakdown after the release of the X-rated filmFritz the Cat, his editing the groundbreaking comics anthology Weirdo, his move to France in the s, and the resurgence of his popularity whenCrumb was released.

On New Year's Eve, December 31, , Crumb's son Jesse died from injuries he sustained in a car accident near Phillipsville, California ; he was 49 years old. Crumb has frequently been the target of criticism due to his recurring themes of graphic sexual and violent abuse of women and occasionally children. In addition to being the target of speculation by critical theorists and academic researchers, Crumb has also been held to scrutiny, and had his style questioned, by feminist writer Deirdre English.

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English has been quoted as saying that Crumb engages in "self-indulgent fantasies" through his work, continually blurring the line between entertainment and pornography. He has been the target of criticism by colleagues as well, such as Trina Robbins , who went so far as to call Crumb a "sexist pig" [72] due to the propensity of his sexual hostility towards women.

Crumb's work is also filled with unsavory images of African Americans such as his recurring character Angelfood McSpade , who are often portrayed as indigenous, tribal, and wearing blackface. Many other underground comix published in the late s-early s feature similar depictions. Crumb often utilized African American characters as "tokens," appearing as re-used tropes such as clowns, tribesmen, athletes, etc.

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Robert Crumb

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Each episode features a different theme and style and some will feature special guests playing records from their collections. Sign up on iTunes to automatically download the show. There will be a new show posted the 1st of every month. Check back and tell your friends!!! Apple Podcasts. The New York Observer. Biographical Research Center. Canadian Review of American Studies. Crumb: A Crummy Life," The Oregonian February 15, : "Deirdre English, who see[s], simply, a peddler of misanthropy, a misogynistic, racist man-child getting his ya-yas from his over-the-top images of sex, race and women.

Crumb [Motion Picture].

Robert Crumb

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Underground comix cartoonists. Wartella Michael J. Clay Wilson Michele Wrightson. Crumb in Charles Crumb, Jr. I have these hostilities toward women. I admit it It's out there in the open It's very strong.