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Orage's commentaries help to clarify and simplify the important lessons in the book by serving as keys to understanding Beelzebub which, as Gurdjieff once said, are all in the book, but not near their locks. Available to the reader for the first time in its entirety, this present volume promises a multifaceted illumination of Beezlebub.

Lawrence Morris , A. If Orage can read like an individual, perhaps, we too can.

Orage's Commentary on Beelzebub`s Tales.(audio)

It is a model of relatively conscious thinking. Excluding comparison to sacred literature such as the Bible and some of the Upanishads, the depth of this book invites comparison with Shakespeare I am now more certain than ever that Jane Heap, as reported to me by Dr John Lester, was correct: Shakespeare was in conscious receipt of esoteric influences. It consists not only of his comments on Beelzebub , but also of his question and answer sessions with his own pupils, and of his remarks on all sorts of aspects of life.

At random, I opened the book at p. So they decided to introduce. Egyptian frescoes produce or provoke this state. Greek art does not.

This not only sheds a great light on what many people, not myself alone, have felt but been unable to articulate, it does so with a clarity and force which Gurdjieff lacked. These notes confirm, many times, that Orage had gained an objective understanding, or at least an understanding closer to objective than any of us are likely to achieve.

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What else but startling objectivity could bring someone to insights such as these, to select but three? The priest does not even deal in words but in symbols, but their meaning he no longer knows. I could well believe that not everyone is touched by each of these three comments, but to my mind each of them offers clear evidence of a person whose reason was alive.

You would have to be both highly intelligent and discerning to understand these sayings. How often, since reading it have I wondered, am I enslaved by an earlier actualization? Am I dealing in symbols the meaning of which I am ignorant? I am indebted to Orage and his collaborators: people who were not even alive when he was born. With this volume, more useful material is available to those who wish to develop themselves.

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Only with that effort, only with many such individual efforts, can the Gurdjieff Work as a whole cross the interval before it now. Joseph Azize was a pupil of George and Helen Adie, themselves pupils of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Jeanne de Salzmann, who developed what they received in their own individual ways. Among other issues, he is currently pondering the question of fate. What you need to do Fill in the return form, which came with your receipt.

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