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But that's the beauty of a blog. Conversation is encouraged; in fact, it's the goal. Blogs give readers a way to interact with the author and other readers about sermon subjects, questions of faith and other spiritual topics.

Church Websites - How to Blog On Your Church Website

By encouraging comments and interacting with the readers, you can discover what's on the hearts and minds of your congregation and help guide them in a whole new way. Visitors to your church website may not want to take the time to listen to a podcast or watch a sermon. Websites may include pastor and staff bios, but they don't help newbies discover the culture of your church. Blogs are perfect for introducing your church to the world.

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Short worship clips, staff interviews and guest authors can add variety to your blog and give a broader picture of your church dynamics. Posts can also address popular visitor questions and events to encourage engagement. Most churches do a lot for their communities. But many in the community don't realize how much.

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The church often needs marketing. Blogs can help the public know what your church is accomplishing. You can use your blog to highlight different ways that the church serves your community.

11 church blogging mistakes to avoid (and why)

In this way, the blog can serve two purposes. It can help your congregation see ways they can become more involved. It can also help the public better understand how your church contributes to the life of your community. Overall it has been a bit of a slow week for Kindle deals. That said, there are a few today that are on the more scholarly end of the spectrum.

Creating A Church Blog Strategy That Works

Boyce College has a Preview Day coming up; it was one of these that convinced my son and his parents that this was the place for him. Click here, then use the coupon code challies8. Africans …. But we shared the social media version …. This week the blog is sponsored by the G3 Conference. Do you think of the singing or the preaching or the praying? And …. Yesterday on the blog: How We Worshipped One Sunday in September This Saying is Trustworthy and Deserving of Full Acceptance I think Anne Kennedy makes a really important point in this article: That the people Christians tend to see as the outsider or the marginalized are often actually the people who will earn us rather than cost us social credit.

From time to time I like to share one of our worship services from Grace Fellowship Church. In that vein, here is how we worshiped on one September Sunday morning. The band was composed of guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar with one male and two female vocalists. Because the text on this Sunday focused on prayer, we had each of the …. In the ….

Most of them show up in my mailbox at one time or another, and I always try to take the big pile and sort it down to a much smaller pile. What remains are my new and notable books. Westminster Books has some solid deals on lots of solid books. But a lot are.

Beyond the Church Walls: How blogging can help pastors and churches

What is the name of my blog? What 3 websites do I most appreciate? What do they do well? What are my pet peeves about other blogs, and how will I avoid them? Commitment: How much time and effort will I give to blogging? Does my blog have a theme—that is, what topics will I come back to again and again?

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What will be the typical word count of my blog posts? How much time will I devote to blogging each week? When will I schedule this time to blog? How long do I plan on blogging: one year, five years, more? Will I promote my blog on my social media platforms? If so, which ones and how often? Networking: How will I connect with readers and other like-minded bloggers? Do I know more experienced bloggers who could mentor me? Who might be willing to promote my blog? Who will edit my blog posts before publication? How will I not exhaust my editor s? How will readers find out about my new posts email, social media, etc.

Will my contact information be on the blog? Where will I get pictures for my blog, and how will I give credit to those sources? Do I have a patron who can help offset some of the costs associated with blogging? Do I have an ebook or something else to give away when people subscribe to my blog?

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