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He discusses at length how economies around the world are rapidly building infrastructure and moving to automobile transportation at the same time that world oil supplies seem to have peaked. If demand is going up and supply is going down, then prices are probably going to go up. The risk? Nations begin moving to energy sources besides oil for transportation. Due to a lot of technological innovations, huge deposits of natural gas can now be accessed that were inaccessible before.

The Little Book of Commodity Investing by John R. Stephenson (Hardback, 2010)

While the demand for natural gas seems to be level, the supply has gone up, which means that prices have gone down. This does mean that prices are low at the moment, so an individual who carefully followed federal reports on natural gas reserves could turn a profit, but the general direction here is much weaker than with oil. It seems to have been the buzzword over the past few years. As with most investing guides, Stephenson points out that gold seems to do best when the United States is having economic struggles — like right now, for example.

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He gives short discussions of other precious metals here as well, such as platinum and palladium. These items fluctuate in line with the global economy, meaning when construction picks up, these items pick up and vice versa. The London Metals Exchange drives almost all of this trading, and traders often keep tabs on supplies of various metals. When the supply drops, the prices will go up.

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In the chapter, he discussed several trends in foods that point in opposing directions — some pointed towards greater demand, others pointed toward greater supply. Eight Ordering the Breakfast Special: Finding Profits in Foodstuffs On the other hand, foodstuffs, like fruits, coffee, sugar, cocoa, and so on, are items that he seems to be strongly bullish on. Such crops are simply too exposed to the weather giving them shaky production bases and in such high demand that the prices will continue to stagger upwards into the foreseeable future, at least as far as Stephenson sees it.

Nine Gaining in Grains: Investing in Grains Grains are such a fundamental part of worldwide diets that the demand for such items is pretty strong and pretty steady in terms of growth. The issues come in with supply, wich is affected by lots of things from the weather to crop diseases. Ten Bulk Up: Benefitting from Bulk Commodities Here, Stephenson discusses iron ore and coal, which are used in huge quantities in industrial production.

As with oil in the third chapter, Stephenson seems to be very bullish on these things, believing that the future points to more and more industrial production and infrastructure building as nations like China and India build a more sturdy infrastructure than they have.

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Eleven Capitalizing on Commodities: Why Commodities are Happening Stephenson concludes the book with a short chapter that argues strongly on behalf of the idea that India, China, Russia, and other Asian nations are growing very rapidly in terms of their economy and will do so for quite a while. If you want a book that will teach you some of the concepts behind commodity investing, The Little Book of Commodity Investing is probably going to be a very enjoyable read for you.

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Stephenson , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information The world has changed and so too has investing. The market is shell shocked and yesterdays momentum stocks are todays slow-motion stocks. But in the new reality of low-growth investing, commodities are hot and getting hotter.

A rapidly industrializing and urbanizing Asia will be demanding lots more copper, zinc, iron ore, coal, fertilizers, gold and oil to transform their societies. Commodities are it and thats great news for investors who want to profit from the next great bull market in commodities. In fact, commodities may be about the only asset class that is likely to outperform the broad market in the future.

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Although they are without a doubt important to the global economy, commodities are among the most misunderstood of all asset classes. Stocks, bonds and real estate all have legions of followers and plenty of experts agree on their importance within an investment portfolio, but venture into the world of commodities and you are into an area thats intimidating to the average investor, where suspicions run deep and understanding is limited. As a result, commodities get short-shrift in most investment accounts and investors miss out on some important opportunities.

The Little Book of Commodity Investing is an indispensible guide to learning the ins and outs of commodity investing. Its about identifying opportunities to profit from the coming bull market in commodities. It explains the benefits of commodities as part of a well diversified investment portfolio; covers all of the major commodities markets; what makes commodities and the companies that produce them tick; why commodities sometimes zig and then zag; what to buy and when to buy it; and why commodities are the next big thing.