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Leo Katz on Why the Law is So Perverse

Graphic classics: Edgar Allen Poe. Roger William, Partner of accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy, said: "Taking away the existing exemption on computers seems slightly perverse. A perverse passion for the English language always makes me suspicious: when people use that word 'critical' as an adjective to qualify the phrase 'architectural theory'. Deep waters. If followers of other religions are not allowed to swear on their holy texts, but only on the Bible, the jurors could yield to a perverse logic and say: "Well, how can we be sure they told the truth--they don't even believe in the Bible?

On swearing in court.

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Some donations given by Canadians for the victims of last December's tsunami have in a perverse way ended up contributing to human rights violations in Aceh, Indonesia and funding so-called reconstruction projects that benefit big businesses instead of intended beneficiaries in Sri Lanka, two activists have claimed. Activists decry 'diversion' of aid: some tsunami relief not reaching victims.

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She enjoys their legendary confrontations in a perverse manner so she always makes them worse than they have to be. One Way Out.

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They lack feelings of guilt or remorse and view their victims as mere objects that they can manipulate for their own perverse satisfaction and sense of power, control, mastery, and domination. That title is more closely aligned with the style of writing and content. For me, the book was like stepping back into law school and analyzing choices and consequences of actions in the context of legal decision making.

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That means there are some interesting puzzles and thought exercises. Two disclosures. First, the publisher supplied me with a free copy of the book.

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Second, some of the statements in the book left me bitter with the way Professor Katz characterized the legal profession. The most notable was:. Actually, the point should probably be put the other way around: What is strange is that, given the contempt in which loophole exploitation is held, it is nevertheless central to legal practice. What can a profession say for itself whose main preoccupation consists of this kind of activity?

Why the Law Is So Perverse

In a whimsical example of a loophole, Professor Katz uses children cutting in line. According to playground law, line-cutting requires the consent of the party who will be immediately behind the cutter. So you can let someone cut into the line in front of you, but no backsies. The loophole is to allow the cut in front, then let the consenting party cut in front of you. A tremendous loophole.

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