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Like a lot of POC , I was in denial that racial trauma had affected me to such a severe degree, but it did. Like my clients, I was in a state of denial, too.

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In order to help them, I needed to face that emotional pain head on. This is a wonderful question, really. I believe that my ancestors who have been racially persecuted guide my work.

My work is not received well by many anti-racism educators, because I am a disruptive innovator in the field. I believe that my POC colleagues react the way they do with white people, because they experienced what I used to experience: racial battle fatigue. Like me, they too, need to focus on healing their racial trauma in order to be better educators for whites. This attitude only comes from influencers on Instagram, though. In the professional world of psychology, my work is very well received. I will be presenting my method at the Diversity in Parenting Conference in Anaheim, California in September with other psychotherapists.

I truly believe that the future of anti-racism will be a behavioral approach and hope that my work inspires professionals in the field of mental health to get more involved in anti-racism work. I sure do use the term rehabilitate! The word is extremely intentional. I believe that unconscious racism is a crime, like a misdemeanor, but it has never been considered a crime. The United States protects racism as a first amendment right, but in the UK, hate speech is a crime. I believe that racism is a criminal psychology that has been normalized in white culture. Instead of punishing racists, I believe in reforming the way anti-racism is conducted, by focusing on rehabilitation.

Adopting an Anti-Racist Framework

Throughout the world, when a person commits a crime, they can either be punished or rehabilitated. I believe, wholeheartedly, that how we treat criminals is a reflection of how well we treat ourselves and others. Rehabilitation is used to help prevent recidivism from those who have committed crimes in the first place; thus, in order to prevent the crime of racism in society, I rehabilitate the perpetrators of it through motivational interviewing and psychoeducation. It has been proven time and time again, that criminals who receive interventions through rehabilitation return to society in a more productive way.

In my work, white people, and even white-passing POC , return to their interracial relationships without perpetrating acts of racism. The work that I do is just straight up fun, seriously. This is not true at all. I love it when my clients in the network and in my program tell me that the POC they love have noticed their behavioral changes and feel so much closer to them now safer. It gives me tremendous joy knowing that their interracial relationships are improving!

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I really want to create a podcast that will last, so, I will be working with Tara for the next 6 months in order to create something I know my audience will love. Recently, I called out anti-racism influencers on Instagram that cyberbullied me or attempted to replicate my work via astroturfing. In reality, I reacted in the way I did, because I grew up bullied and their bullying triggered me. I was reacting defensively and it was yet another layer of trauma work I needed to do.

I felt violated and I needed to process this. What I learned from this experience, is that the work that I conduct is valuable, and it is to be expected that people will astroturf or bully me for it. So, not only does a leader need to be able to admit when they make a mistake, but they need to continuously work on their mental health. I truly believe, that corruption is nurtured when a leader thinks that their image is more important than their mental health. Leaders exist in this world to serve the public not the other way around.

NYU Strategies to Reduce Inequality – One of the Provost's Global Research Initiatives

In order to serve the public, we as leaders, need to interact with our audience and facilitate a safe environment in which everyone can explore, learn, and grow. It would help everyone if leaders who conduct anti-racism work could work with a consultant first before engaging in this type of work. This way, they would not teach performative allyship. White people need rehabilitation so that they do not teach whites anti-racism etiquette. People of color POC need to work on healing their racial trauma or they, too, will be teaching etiquette.

It plays a major role, really. The majority of people who discover me are on Instagram. The hashtags in Instagram make it easier for people to find my work and engage with me. The most effective means for me is taking care of my body. I am a vegetarian, swim, lift weights, and practice yoga. When I take care of my body, my mind is at ease, and I feel a sense of calm that reduces stress and tension. I also only coach once a week as opposed to multiple times per week and work 3 days a week.

Since the work I do is intense, I spend 4 days out of the week recharging as opposed to a standard 2-Day weekend.

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Violence is a really big topic. On social media, in particular Instagram, there is a type of violence that is perpetrated consistently, and those are narcissistic behaviors. When influencers get a large following, they instruct their followers directly or indirectly to bully other influencers or followers. This kind of cyberbullying needs to stop. Many influencers make a living by stirring up scandal, and truly, it does nothing for humanity. All this does is keep violent behavior alive and well.

They need to be faced and it is deep work.

Working to dismantle racism in social work

The way to understand a racist defense mechanism is to explore it, but white people usually cannot do this on their own, because their denial tends to get in the way. In my program, we explore those layers. There is an assumption, as a white person, that one knows what anti-racist behavior is. It is very much rooted in performative allyship via anti-racism etiquette. Unintentional racism is whenever a white person is racially triggered and reacts in a racist defense mechanism. The first step to understand its scope is to explore the term defense mechanisms, which originally stems from Sigmund Freud and is used in psychodynamic theories in psychology.

The explosion of emotion has to do with emotional repression, which is why the tears come out a lot. In the work I do, we explore feelings as opposed to repressing them.

Anti-Racism in Social Work Practice

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